As long as you are protected against the UV rays, summer/spring season is the best time of the year. It is the time when everything is vivid and colorful and everyone is ready to try out new things. Even when people buy prescription glasses online, they are looking f or something different from the usual. They are looking for something brighter, stylish, and just as lively as the season itself.

At Marvel Optics, we have a tradition of listening to you before you can even say it. That is why, we always bring you the most stylish and trendy variety in cheap eyeglasses. This year is no exception. While you can browse through the whole gallery right now, let us support your search with what we consider the six top of the league eyeglasses for the season.



Why should kids have all the fun? If you think only kids eyeglasses can be full of colors and print, check this one out and give us one good reason it does not make a perfect choice for any fashion-savvy lady in town. Florcliffe has quickly become one of the hottest selling items on our list.



Spring is festive for everyone, and that includes men as well. As most men are reluctant about pinks and reds, we give them an option to go green with this unisex rectangular frame designed to create a perfect harmony between colors and class.


Essex Junction

Pink is powerful – this is probably the motto our designers swear by. This beautiful rectangular frame in a pleasant shade of the power hue is named after the town known for its quintessential taste in fashion and style. That is precisely the flavor of the season. That is what makes this pair so feminine yet so elegant at the same time.



We don’t really need a reason to tell you why most people who buy glasses online from us fall in love with this one in particular. Duvall, a rimless pair with titanium hinges comes with unique shield shape lenses that make it stand out despite its subtle colors and delicate style.



We understand that colorful glasses may not be up to everyone’s liking, but that is not an excuse to exclude them from trying something new and different this season. Our designers came up with this drastic idea of creating a frame with no color at all. It’s a real head turner.



Cat eye glasses are never out of vogue. And that is why they are a staple of every seasonal collection we come up with. What sets Primallite apart is its size that complements all face shapes and sizes, as well as the unique texture that brings out a definition in the pitch black frame.

If you haven’t started your search for prescription eyeglasses online, Marvel Optics just provided you the inspiration you needed.