The holiday spirit is high once again. You see everything around you doused in the colors of Christmas; no one really cares about the Starbucks cup anymore. Whether or not your favorite brand chooses to   celebrate the season, you know it’s time for you to make sure your wardrobe for the eve is all perfect and prepared. Clothes, shoes, or accessories – you know you need to have everything in perfect red, white, and a bit of green or gold may be. Helping you check all the things off the list, Marvel Optics is once again here with our collection of prescription eyeglasses in your favorite festive colors.

With amazing season discount offers, we made sure we are the best choice for buying eyeglasses online this year. But we know why you still haven’t made the purchase! Let’s face it; you are still confused about which one you should get. The green, the white, or the red?

Don’t worry; we have our fashion eyeglasses expert here to help you make the right choice. And according to the glasses guru, the first thing to do is to make sure you understand the meaning of the beautiful colors of Christmas. So, let’s start with a little lesson!

  • Red – Red is the color of holy berries and also of the apple on the paradise tree. It is also the most dominant color of Christmas and you can never go wrong with this one. You might want to avoid it if the rest of your attire is more than 80 percent scarlet.
  • White – We know that white represents snow that is highly likely to be seen everywhere during Christmas. It is also a depiction of purity and peace associated with Mary and Jesus. White eyeglasses are great if red is dominant in the rest of your attire. It is perfect if you match it up with white shoes as well.
  • Green – The white of winter wouldn’t last forever, remind the green that represent everything holy and happy about the season. It is the color of spring, good luck, and most importantly the color of paradise. And when it comes to prescription glasses, green is the best way to break the red white monotony.

That said, let’s take a look at some of the most festive collection we have for you this year.


There can’t be a Christmas inspired eyeglass more appropriate than this red and crystal cat eye. It is one of the boldest ones in our collection.  And believe it or not, nothing can represent the snow better than crystal.

Cedar Grove

Cedar Grove is a red and green wayfarer that will let people know that you actually made deliberate effort to dress up for the occasion. It is something that elves would have love to create and gift away every Christmas.


For men who wouldn’t want to go too bold with the red, here is perfect version of white and red festive prescription frame. It has reflective graphics and dual color frame that is almost as appealing for women as it is for men.


Now, our personal favorite, the multicolored McBride that puts an end to the argument of red, green and white! It has all three colors incorporated brilliantly with a pattern. The white is leaning more towards crystal but the reflective quality will make it appear perfectly festive.

So, get your Christmas glasses now and avail amazing discounts for the season.