While we at Marvel Optics have made it infinitely easier to find the best-quality cheap prescription glasses or cheap prescription sunglasses online, there are questions that need answering. This time, we answer the age-old question on how to keep our eye-makeup looking fresh all day long! Here are some tips to help you do that:

Anything that isn’t Oil-free Stays Off-Lid

People with oily skin know this too well that your eyelids can get oily easily enough on their own. By using a moisturizer or lotion that is not oil-free, you are only adding more oil to your eyelids. That means your eye makeup is going to start slipping off earlier than it should. If you must put cream on your eyelids, then choose an eye cream and use it before you go to bed. Before you put on makeup the next day, you need to wash it off. Next, put on your amazing cheap prescription sunglasses and rock the world!

Make Up Your Mind to Put Eye Makeup This Way

If avoiding the oiliness of the creams is not effective enough, then you can use this technique to put your eye makeup on. Choose a liner and apply it over your lash line. Next, pick another liner but gel liner this time is of the same tone as your eye shadow. Spread it all over lid, as you would apply your eye shadow. Use a finger or a brush to blend before putting on your shadow over it. This way, you have built a base for your eye shadow that will help it stay around longer, even if you do wear cheap prescription glasses

When you are using this technique, however, you might have to work faster than you normally do. The faster you are the better it is when it comes to products that are worn for extended periods of time. Another good idea is to avoid fluffy brushes when applying the liner since it will help get rid of lines that make the eye crease more obvious.

For longer lasting eye makeup, you will have to apply double the amount. The first layer in that ensemble is your gel liner while the second layer would be the eye shadow of your choice. To complete the look, choose a nude shade and apply it to the outer eye corners, using a fluffy brush. The result would be a softer look. Whether you wear cheap prescription sunglasses or cheap prescription glasses all day long, this technique will help preserve your eye makeup for longer!

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