Men are often susceptible to selecting the wrong men’s eyeglass frames. This happens because they do not give much time to understanding their eyewear needs and select the product after barely any research. 

These days, you can find the right eyeglasses online, but only if you are vigilant and willing to spend time. Here are a few tips that you can use, especially if you have a square face.

Checking Your Face Type

You may believe that you have a square face, but it may only look like it due to the cut of yourfacial hair or a protruded cheekbone. You need to find your face type for sure, in order to select the best discount men’s glasses. 

For this, you should stand in front of a mirror and take a high-resolution picture. Now take a pen and start to draw the outline of your face on a printout of the picture. You can also do so live with the help of a friend who may mark your face on the mirror. This will create the rough dimensions of your face.

A square face is the one, which has a large chin width, matching the width of the temple. This creates equal sides of the face, resulting in the squared shape. Once you have identified that you have this face, it is time to get the best men’s eyeglass frames.

The Right Frame

A square face has strong dimensions and a structure which puts emphasis on facial lines. If you have a square face, you need a frame which is able to break the uniformity of these elements. The ideal discount men’s glasses in this regard are the ones that introduce some curvature.

Round and oval frames are great for a square face. They produce the required softness by making sure that your eyes gain prominence, while the angularity is significantly reduced. Oval eyeglasses will increase the length of your face and make sure that it looks more balanced. 

The Benefits

Once you have picked the right men’s eyeglass frames, you will enjoy a number of amazing benefits. Colored glasses are ideal for square faces and they really allow you to embrace modern fashion. You can also look for designs with jewels and other elements that will take the attention away from your actual facial elements. 

You should always find a reputed online store and look especially for frames that are designed for people with a square face. This will ensure that you only look through the options that are well suited for your particular facial shape.