Buy glasses online of all types from Marvel Optics. When we say all types, we really mean all. You will find everything from kids eyeglasses to rimless eyeglasses here! Even if you are not looking to buy, come over to read amazing articles on all things eyes and glasses. This time, we are taking a look at a common problem that many women face when trying to look their best. It is all fun and games until they try putting on mascara and end up with eyes that look inflamed and won’t stop tearing up!

If you are one of these women, then we are here to tell you that don’t give up hope just yet. Fluttering your eyelashes at a certain someone dramatically might still be possible for you. The thing is you are not alone because many women are allergic to mascara due to its close proximity to the eyeball. One of the factors that make an allergic reaction even worse is dry eyes. Dry eyes find it more difficult to flush out the irritants. Buy glasses online but also keep reading to find out what you can do to minimize the probability of an allergic reaction due to your mascara:

Patch Tests Save Mascaras

Imagine that you have found the best mascara stick in the world. Once you have applied it to your lashes, you can see the world bowing down in front of you. That is all very good but you might want to do a patch test before you place that wand near your eyes hidden behind rimless eyeglasses. The best place for performing the patch test is by applying the mascara to your inner forearm. Then peel an adhesive bandage and slap it on the area covered with the mascara. Let it stay that way for the whole day. If reddened skin meets your eyes when you remove the bandage, then that mascara and you are not meant to be.

Parting Ways Saves Eyes

You have been layering your lashes with your favorite brand of mascara for years now. All of a sudden, wearing the same brand becomes excruciating for you and each day ends with red, irritated eyes. Is it your cheap glasses, you think? No, it isn’t! There is no use thinking that the allergy will go away and you and the mascara will live happily forever. Throw it away immediately and try out other brands.

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