There is a reason Marvel Optics is considered America’s best eyeglasses company. We understand that glasses are more than just a vision correction device. They are now considered an important fashion accessory as well. Many of our customers who order prescription sunglasses online are very particular about the style and trend. We believe that prescription glasses should not be an exception.

However, if you are going for something extraordinary in terms of style and color, you need to understand that you will have to alter your whole look to make it work best for you. While matching or contrasting your attire may not be as difficult, women are often confused when it comes to makeup.

Remember, when you order glasses online based on the bold colors and styles in vogue these days, it is actually very easy to pull off a makeup faux pas. A slight misjudgment regarding the color of eye shadow can make your whole look clash with the eyeglasses. It is very uneasy on the eyes, for you and for the beholders.

So, once again Marvel Optics calls in our style experts to guide our customers in making the best decision with how they carry their glasses and makeup.

Keep the Lids Neutral

Even if your eyeglasses frame is black, it can clash with too many colors on the lid. That is why keeping it lighter and neutral is the best way to go. The best part is that neutral eyes are never out of vogue, and it doesn’t take an expert to make those colors work for you. You can use a lighter shade of shimmery brown on the middle of the lid to make your eyes appear big and open, or you can use darker shades on the outer shade to give them more elongated, elevated, and sultry look.

Line According to the Frame

One of the biggest makeup mistakes made by women who wear glasses is creating a line as dramatic as their eyeglass frame. The trick our experts swear by is to go thin and precise with bolder frames, and going bold and thick with lighter and delicate ones. The thickness of glasses -2.00 to glasses -2.75 doesn’t really matter, but for higher power and thicker glasses, keep in mind that the glass may magnify the eye and liner to an extent.

Focus on Lashes

This is where all the drama should be focused on. With neutral eyes and liner that complement your frame thickness, it is best to go overboard with the lashes. Use two or three coats of high-quality mascara that can build volume and curl your fringes up without causing clumps. No one likes clumps or spider lashes. Curling up is an important aspect to avoid the uncomfortable contact of lashes and lenses every time you blink.

Define the Brow

Arch is not always the best shape to go. Keeping with the current trends, try to keep your brows natural but well groomed. Tweeze the strays, fill in the gaps, and set with a brow gel.  They will create a world of difference. If your frame is too dark and deep, don’t go too dark and black with the brows. Make sure you keep your eyebrow shape in mind when you order glasses online from us. The frame should never overlap the brow.

Keep all these tricks in mind and you will be able to rock any glasses you order online at Marvel Optics.