A properly fitting eyeglass frame makes as much difference to your personality as a properly tailored suit. It gives you class, elegance and style. Moreover, a properly fitting frame makes your vision clearer and keeps harmful radiations away from your eyes.

Here, we’ve complied a comprehensive guide which will be of immense help to you in choosing the right fit for yourself, depending upon your facial shape, head size and feature distribution.

Frame Sizing

The size of your eyeglass frame must correspond to the total width of your face. This frame sizing is usually done on an individual basis because it completely depends upon a person’s proportions and on the style of the frame which is being selected. Following are some general guidelines of the total width of frames for different kinds of faces.

  • Narrow and small face: 125mm to 129mm
  • Medium sized face: 130mm to 134mm
  • Large sized face: 135mm to 139mm
  • Wide face: 140mm to 145mm

Key Points for Proper Eyewear Fitting

The following key points must be kept in mind while choosing an eyewear for yourself:

  • The width of your eyeglass frame must be in line with the total width of your face. When you look straight into the mirror, the glasses must never hang off from the sides of your face. If that happens, it means your chosen frame is too wide for your face. You should also not be able to glimpse the sides of your temples as it would suggest that your chosen frame is extremely narrow for your face.
  • The eyebrows should be visible after you wear your eyeglass. If your complete eyebrows are not visible, than at least more than half of the eyebrows should be clearly visible for it to be deemed as the right frame.
  • The top half of the lens should be filled by your eyes. The lower area of your eye should touch the midpoint of the eye lens.
  • The proper adjustment of the temples is extremely necessary around your ears. If your eyeglass slides down your nose, it means the temples of the eyeglass must be properly bent to keep them rooted to their place.
  • The frame should give the perception of being located in the middle area of your face. There should be a proper balance between the top and bottom half of your face.
  • If you have sharp facial features and don’t want them to be over shadowed by heavy frames, then rimless glasses will work best to give you a sophisticated and elegant look.

A Fitting Example of a Perfect Eyeglass Frame

In this case, the face of the person is long and square, therefore, he wears rectangular, rimless glasses which are giving his face a well-proportioned and classy look. You should also notice the positioning of the eyebrows, the proper spacing of the eyes and complete proportions of the eyeglass frame against his face.

Considerations Regarding the Color of the Frame

You should always opt for a frame which complements the natural color of your skin and hair. The color of the lens and lens opacity are also important considerations. In general, it’s advisable to keep the lenses of your shades dark enough to make your eyes barely visible. Odd colored lenses, such as dark green or purple shades, usually look weird and bizarre and often distort your facial appeal.

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