Isn’t  it wonderful how a set of cheap glasses can help you get the look everyone is drooling over. Indeed, that is the beauty of eyeglasses.

However, let us all open our eyes to the fact that just because a pair of discount eyeglasses suits one person, it doesn’t mean it will suit the other as well. In fact, the definition of suitable prescription sunglasses changes from person to person. That is because we all have different faces, different features, and different shapes.

If you want a pair that can actually enhance your looks instead of dorking down your personality, you must find one that compliments your face cut and features. Now, this is something that requires in-depth understanding of art and aesthetics. That is one of the main attributes Marvel Optics looks for in an online prescription glasses expert.

So, we have asked one of our experts to share the secret of finding the perfect prescription glasses online. Let’s take a look at the secrets our expert wants to share with you.

To Match or Not to Match

Before finding the right kind of eyeglasses online, there are two rules you should strictly follow.

First of all, you should NEVER match the color of your eyeglasses with the color of your eyes. Even if you are looking for a dramatic effect, matching colors won’t help you create much of an impression in any possible way.

Secondly, you should always make sure that the size and dimension of the eyeglasses is in proportion of your face. If you have a small face, go for smaller frames, if you have a broader face, go for bigger eyeglasses.

The Right Shape for Your Face

While it is not completely impossible,  it is pretty hard to find two people with the exact same face shape. Our face shape is defined by various angles and features that work together to create a particular shape. Yet, we can generalize the shapes into six basic categories that include round, oval, oblong, triangle, diamond, and square. So let’s see what you should look for when you are ready to buy prescription glasses online.


Round Face shape

No matter how big of a potter head you are, don’t go for round glasses if you have an equally round face. Instead, go for angular shapes to make up for lack of angles in your face cut. Rectangular shape can make your face appear longer and narrower.


Oval Face shape

People call it the best shape to be blessed with. You can almost pull off any shape and any color. However, it is best to follow the size guide to make sure you are not distorting the natural balance with the wrong size of Cheap Prescription Eyeglasses.


Oblong Face shape

Oblong is a mix of rectangular and oval, but it does not have the universal suitability factor that defines the latter. If you have an oblong face, you are likely to have straight cheekbones and a long nose. You can balance it out with frames that have lower bridge and moderate width.


Triangle Face shape

Triangles are tricky because it could be a base up triangle i.e. narrower at the chin, and the base down triangle that is wider at the chin. For former, go for rimless eyeglasses. For the latter, try the cat eye or aviator look .


Diamond Face shape

It’s a rare shape, but our wide range of shapes and styles offer a plethora of perfectly complementing shapes such as half rimmed ones with distinctive brow lines that can soften the wide cheekbones.


Square Face shape

Square shaped faces are the exact opposite of round ones. You can soften the edgy look by complementing it with rounder or oval frames.

Follow the guide and you are bound to find the perfect prescription glasses online.