If you have an eye for the latest trends, you must be aware that the fashion in eye wear industry is also changing quickly. Every years there is a new popular style, most of which tend to be a variation of another popular style of prescription frames. Once a style is in vogue, you will see every celebrity wearing it around LA and other places they hang out.

So, 2015 was pretty great in terms of eyeglasses and sunglasses fashion. And from where we can see it, 2016 is going to be equally amazing. There are many hot trends we are totally in love with, and we already have most of them in our online eyeglasses collection.

Without much ado, let’s take a look at some of the trends that have already taken off at red carpets and ramps, and will definitely hit the streets by 2016.

Prints Will be Popular

Printed eyeglasses are taking over the fashion shows everywhere. Well, let’s be honest. The trend we see on the ramp is a bit too amped up, but you can get more wearable designer printed eyeglasses with subtle splashes of colors on the frame, and not so much on the lens we hope. Since ladies are the first one to adopt such trends, the prints are usually in the shades of pinks and purples. However, there are plenty of blues and yellows for men as well. Take a look at the prints we have introduced at Marvel Optics. This one is one of our bestsellers!


Rounder Cat Eyes

Cat eye and round glasses, both made an equally amazing comeback in 2015. Now for 2016, the designers have made the two iconic shapes mate to produce a more stylish and edgy version, that looks jaw-droppingly retro. How cool is that! Almost all the famous eyeglasses brands have introduced their version for the 2016 collection, and you can find a plethora of discounted and cost-effective ones in our catalogue as well. Check out our favorite!


Matt Black for Men

For men, black is never out of trend. In 2016, the black is going even blacker, bolder, and more intense than it ever was. So, bid farewell to shiny black eye frames and add more depth to your gaze with the matt black eyeglasses. It doesn’t matter which shape or size, matt black eyeglasses look elegant and trendy. However, our most recommended remain the rectangular ones.

The Solid Bolds


Printed may be in vogue for 2016 but that doesn’t kick solid colors out of the picture. In fact, you will see brighter and bolder solid colors everywhere. Bright colored prescription eyeglasses will also be hot favorites of film stars and fashion followers. We have a remarkable selection ready for you. See this one for instance!

So, here you go with all the trendy options at your hand. Now you know exactly what to add to your New Year wishlist.

Don’t forget to check all these trends in our online eyeglasses collection.