How you accessorize makes a major impact, and your eyeglasses are the first thing to catch the eye and make a lasting impression of your personality. So are you ready to amaze everyone with your new look and also look years younger in the process?

There are a few eyeglass options which are ideal for middle aged women, and help them look younger and attractive. So why not switch your regular eyewear for a trendy pair, which brings out the best in you and makes you look as stylish as ever? Marvel Optics has a wide range of styles to suit your needs!
Following are a few stylish eyewear options which you can try to stand out from the crowd and make heads turn wherever you go!

Go Bold Blue For Baby Blue!

Do you have those adorable blue eyes which are heartwarmingly pretty? Why hide that beautiful pair behind any regular pair of glasses when you can present their attractiveness in the best way?
Bold blue glass frames will make your eyes pop, and project them to their maximum advantage. Just go retro and play around with colors and styles to bring out your beauty.

Balance Out Your Face

If you have a long face, then go for a structured round frame. The bigger frame will add proportion with the width and balance out your face. Opt for a snazzy chic or a classic modern look with the color of your choice and look younger at the forefront of fashion.

Rounded Edged Pairs for Square Faces

Soften out the square and sharp cut of your face with eyeglass frames which have rounded edges. Just choose a color which compliments your look and opt for trendy ones for a younger appearance!

Go Understated Cool!

If you want to add coolness to your style, and want frames which would go by unnoticed but are decidedly chic still, then go for thin frames which are understated elegance itself!
Opt for thin wire frames which will not divert from your natural charm and yet add something unique to your overall personality. If you have a pair of attractive hazel or green eyes, then have everyone admire their beauty without your glasses stealing the spotlight every time!

Highlight Those Chiseled Cheekbones!

Want to give competition to the chiseled cheekbones of Angelina Jolie? Then aim for the right pair of glasses and let your high cheekbones get the spotlight!
To enjoy defined cheekbones, get a pair with smaller lengths that have upturned corners. The catseye frame will uplift your face and highlight its structure in the perfect way! Get an edgy pair and become the fashionable women that you are at heart!

Classic or Bling? Your Call

Nothing beats the all time classic look of a golden frame complete with cognac lenses. Elegance and style in itself, you can choose a pair which lends decided style and a chic look to the wearer!
Go for stylish cateyes and add fancy bling to your style, and sport a young and modern look. Give a feminine look to your face with a pair having rounded upturned corners. Try out trendy colors and styles to use your prescription glasses as a style accessory!

Go For a Hip Look

Maybe it’s good to go all out and sport a bold pair of glasses which shout out hip and young to the crowd! From the traditional wayfarer to the clubmaster designs, experiment in unique trendy colors, to get the exclusively young feminine look you want!
Make the right choice and accessorize your eyes with a pair which will add style and take away years from your face! Be bold and try out something new. Marvel Optics has all the trendy style options for you!