When it comes to shopping for trendy eyewear, most people are likely to choose big names and well-known brands to do their shopping from. Although these stores undoubtedly have excellent quality eyewear, with the latest trends stocked up, they can get pricier than you would expect.

There are many other ways of shopping for eyewear, and one of these ways is shopping online. Of course, the chances of the online store turning out to be a scam are high, but even then there are a few online stores for eyewear that provide the best-quality glasses you can find.

These stores make it a point to set their prices at reasonable amounts and offer guarantees that they stick to. If you were to run a Google search on the best online stores for eyeglasses, you would probably confuse yourself further because there are too many to choose from and a number of them are scams.

To make it easier for you to go e-shopping for the trendiest and economical eyewear, here is a list of the top 5 online shopping stores made for eyewear that are reliable and offer a variety of genuine products:

1.  Marvel Optics

This store is generally the most reliable store that you can find online. The extensive range of eyewear available on their website is filled with the trendiest frames you can find, built out of high-end metals and various other materials. The online store gives you the liberty to take as much time as you need to make up your mind and decide on the frame that you find most suitable.

With several different categories to look into, Marvel Optics truly does offer a lot more diversity than any other online eyewear store. Whether you are shopping for eyewear for your kids, yourself, your family members, you can rest assured that this store is bound to have it all in stock for you. Not to mention, their prices are relatively low and the quality of their eyewear is outstanding!

2. Frames Direct

For the brand conscious, this store is perfect. They are filled with top brand names, but still allow you to save a little as compared to traditional optical stores. The prices might be lower than normal optics but still more expensive than other online stores, such as Marvel Optics.

Frames Direct has a lot of variety to offer as well, but the sizes vary and you may end up paying for glasses that aren’t your size at all. However, even then the website managed to make it to #2 on our list, which assures you that the quality will be attractive without a doubt.

3. Warby Parker

With chic and modernized designs, Warby Parker has it all figured out. The store does not stock up on other brands, but instead they design their own frames at relatively competitive prices. The quality of their eyewear is outstanding and the frames are very well designed as well so you won’t face any disappointments.

Another cool feature offered by Warby Parker is that they allow you to try on glasses virtually in order to help you make a better decision when purchasing eyewear online. You can try them on yourself virtually and see if they actually suit your face shape before you pay for them and waste your money!

These are three of the most best selling online eyewear stores, with Marvel Optics being the first on our list thanks to the vast variety and economically reasonable prices they have set. The quality of this store is mind-blowing and strikingly gorgeous too. Check out their websites for further details.