Some people think that picking the right eyeglass frames is simple. But there is more to picking frames that meets the eye. The right frame can turn you from that regular boring nerd that everyone wants to make fun of, to the sexy nerd that everyone wants to be friends with. When choosing your frames at, consider the shape, color, and proportions of your face. Not everybody has the same face, which is why there are a million of frames to choose from. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t be as stylish as Justin Timberlake, or Justin Bieber. Even those two top celebrities choose the right frame that fits their face. If you follow this list of simple rules, people will think that you are a celebrity!

Woman Wearing Eyeglasses

The first thing you should determine is the shape of your face. If the frame is the same exact shape of your face, it will only exaggerate the shale. So, it is important to contrast the shape of your face with the shape of the frame. If you are like me, and have a rounder face, go for the narrower, rectangular frames. This will drive the attention away from the round shape of your face. People with more square-like faces can enjoy the comfort of more oval frames.

Now, you must determine the colors of your hair, and the complex of your skin. The frame you choose should complement them both. People with cooler complexions, that have blue or pink undertones, will be happy with black or blue frames. Again, the contrast will drive the attention away from your complexion and make the frames stand out.

Finally, choose a frame that is made of material that fits your lifestyle. People who are more active in sports can choose a sturdier frame that will not be bothered of all the excitement in your life like our plastic frames. People who just need frames for reading, or studying can choose a more flexible frame because they will not be under as much tension just like our titanium frames. To have a more edgy or unique look, wood texture frames might be for you. But for your everyday wear and needs, metal frames are very good companions to work. 

 Another great thing to know before you buy frames from is the styles that are popular now. Don’t go for a look that was popular two years ago. The trends for this year include people adding rounded and retro styles to their wardrobe. Pick up a few magazines and see what frames people involved in entertainment are wearing. This is usually the best way to see what the new look is. If you remember all of these things, your new look will be the talk of the town!