Eyewear is much more than a prescription. It is a unique way to add style to your personality without changing your wardrobe completely. Gone are the days when spectacles were heavy and not impressive. Nowadays, available in different colors, sizes, shapes, styles, and patterns, eyeglasses are a fashion accessory that can give your personality the boost it needs.

Are Your Eyeglasses the Perfect Fit?

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Have you ever wondered if your glasses are too big for your face? Well, you’re not alone. A huge number of people pick up a pair of glasses without considering if it fits their face shape. Here are a few factors that you should consider while choosing the right pair of prescription frames:

Opposites are Better

One of the basic rules for picking out eyeglasses is that you should select a frame that is opposite of your face shape. For instance, if you have an oval face, don’t go for oval glasses. Instead, pick either a round or rectangular frame to keep your face contours in balance.

The following few points serve as red flags and indicate that your prescription frame is not the right choice for your face shape:

  • Your eyeglasses rest too closely on your cheeks.
  • Your spectacles extend to the sides of your face.
  • The earpieces of your glasses do not rest appropriately over your ears.
  • Your glasses let extra sunlight in from the sides or bottom of the frame.

The thin line between functional glasses and stylish optical wear has blurred significantly. Glares are cool and eyeglasses, well, cooler. Whether you are looking to buy trendy prescription eyeglasses online or create your own fashion statement, go through the following key pieces to give your exceptional fashion sense a great boost.

These days, no particular colors, cuts, or patterns are ruling the charts. The idea is quite simple – choose a prescription frame that fits your face, highlights your hairstyle, accentuate your contours, and boosts your confidence.

The Cat Eye Style

Think this frame style is a story of the past? You’re mistaken. A great number of designers and optical wear experts have reinvented these eyeglasses for today’s fashionistas. These are the same frames that Katy Perry and Mary J Blige sported with great confidence. Since these discount eyeglasses now come in bold styles and colors, you should also make this flattering option a part of your collection.

Multicolored Arms

Being a mainstay of the optical wear family, these eyeglass frames add a subtle look on your face. With colorful arms, these prescription frames involve unique detailing that is sure to give your face an extraordinary dimension.

Small Hole Detailing

Spectacles with tiny holes are a new, stylish accessory that you can safely use to flaunt your good looks. Look around, some of your favorite artists may also have sported these glasses. Wonder who we are talking about? Well, Johnny Depp, Alexa Chung, and Ryan Gosling are a few popular names to mention. Maintaining the perfect balance between classic elements and modern style approaches, these prescription frames are sure to meet your fashion needs.

What to Look For

Open up your mind as there are innumerable options out there. The fashion industry has evolved over the years, and now it gives you choices that were previously not there. A new and intelligently chosen pair of cheap prescription eyeglasses can add zing to your wardrobe and overall personality. If you want to feel good about your choice, pay attention to the factors that make your glasses the perfect fit.

Whether you’re in need of vision correction or are looking for a personalized style statement, buy eyeglasses online with the right frame to opt for your favorite look.