Bifocal glasses are a great solution if you struggle to see objects that are both near and far. The dual lenses allow wearers to conveniently switch their view, but these glasses typically don’t offer any protection from the sun. This is concerning, given the fact that sun damage can worsen your vision even further. Luckily, the following five polarized bifocal sunglasses can remedy the problem by offering sun protection and vision support at the same time.

man wearing polarized bifocal sunglasses

1. Rocky Mount Sunglasses

Rocky Mount Sunglasses

The wraparound frames of the Rocky Mount Sunglasses embody a professional yet tough exterior. They’re ideal for athletic activities but equally suited to daily errands. Best of all, you can order these glasses with a customized pair of bifocal lenses. If you would prefer single vision or progressive lenses instead, these frames are compatible with these types of lenses as well. The rectangular shape is flattering to many face shapes, so you can look great and see clearly.

2. WileyX Slay Safety ANSI Rated Sunglasses

WileyX Slay Safety ANSI Rated Sunglasses

The WileyX Slay Safety ANSI Rated Sunglasses offer the best of all worlds — you get sun protection, vision support, and safety features all in one pair of glasses. Indeed, the ANSI rating offers peace of mind when you’re in hazardous environments, and the polycarbonate lenses provide 100% UV protection. Customize your order with your bifocal prescription or opt for single vision or progressive lenses instead.

3. Bobster Tread Safety ANSI Rated Sunglasses

Bobster Tread Safety ANSI Rated Sunglasses

Bobster is one of the most popular brands in safety glasses, and the Bobster Tread Safety ANSI Rated Sunglasses demonstrate why. These shades are bold and stylish, but they’re impressively functional, too. They feature a closed cell foam frame for incredible comfort and foam cushioning to enclose the eyecups, too. You can order these polarized bifocal sunglasses mens with bifocal lenses, regular prescription lenses, or standard nonprescription lenses.

4. WileyX Airrage Safety ANSI Rated Sunglasses

WileyX Airrage Safety ANSI Rated Sunglasses

Work isn’t the only place you may need safety glasses. If you’re outdoors playing sports such as baseball or enjoying a relaxing hike, you need glasses that will guard your eyes against both the sun and any safety hazards. The WileyX Airrage Safety ANSI Rated Sunglasses promise to do exactly that. These glasses offer bifocal lenses, lightweight frames, and large size.

5. Tifosi Bronx Sunglasses Safety ANSI Rated Sunglasses

Tifosi Bronx Sunglasses Safety ANSI Rated Sunglasses

The polycarbonate lenses of the Tifosi Bronx Sunglasses Safety ANSI Rated Sunglasses offer many unique features. In addition to their compatibility with bifocal prescriptions, these lenses are optically decentered, which provides optimal protection to wearers who encounter bright sunlight. The hydrophilic rubber around the rims ensures that these frames will stay dry no matter what the weather may be, too, making them the perfect solution for year-round eye protection.

Find the Most Stylish Polarized Bifocal Sunglasses

The only thing more important than protecting your eyes from the sun is ensuring that your lenses allow you to see clearly. You can get both when you invest in a pair of polarized sunglasses that offer bifocal prescription lenses. These glasses offer the protection you need without sacrificing the quality of your vision. Shop at Marvel Optics for the best selection of polarized bifocal sunglasses. Reach out online to place an order or give us a call at (800) 832-5076.

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1. Can bifocal lenses be polarized?

Yes, you can invest in a pair of sunglasses that feature polarized lenses with a bifocal prescription. Bifocal lenses are polarized using the same process as regular lenses. They receive a special chemical coating that absorbs glare and minimizes incoming sunlight. This coating can be applied to nearly any kind of lens.

2. Are bifocal sunglasses worth the investment?

Yes, most people who invest in bifocal sunglasses agree that they are worth the investment. If you are concerned about the cost, you should consider whether it’s less expensive to buy a pair of bifocals, sunglasses, and safety glasses or to invest in a single pair of glasses that meets all of these needs.

3. Can you get sunglasses with bifocal lenses?

Yes, you can get sunglasses that feature bifocal lenses. Look for a style that’s compatible with your prescription.

4. Why do I need polarized bifocal sunglasses?

There are many reasons why polarized bifocal sunglasses are beneficial. In addition to the clear vision that bifocals will provide, polarization will offer extra protection against UV radiation.

5. What brand is the best for polarized bifocal sunglasses?

Brands such as WileyX, Bobster, and Tifosi are some of the top makers of polarized bifocal sunglasses. Any of these companies is a safe bet for quality and style.

woman wearing polarized bifocal sunglasses