Hollywood is a world of deception they say. Amongst all the nose jobs and breast enhancements, it is really difficult to say what’s real and what’s not. Celebrities have always been under too much pressure to look great all the time that they rarely go out looking like their own self. Female actors, specially, have always been targeted for setting unrealistic standards for other women. With the new breed of confident and strong leading ladies, the wheels are now turning. It is not unusual to see these celebs walking the streets of LA in their sweatshirts, messy buns, and pair of prescription eyeglasses.

As a matter of fact, there are more than a dozen ladies we know who have less than perfect vision, and wouldn’t shy away from wearing their eyeglasses in public. Here are our seven top picks who look gorgeous in their prescription glasses, and they know it for sure.

1446483802-screen-shot-2015-11-02-at-120257-pmDemi Lovato

Demi Lovato has been a strong advocate of promoting self-confidence in young ladies, telling them to love themselves with all their flaws. She calls out magazines for unnecessary edits to make celebs look unrealistically flawless. She can be commonly spotted sans makeup, wearing only her favorite pair of eyeglasses. You can get that look here.

Anne Hathaway

Anne has a way with glasses like no one else does! She can make any pair look like a gorgeous piece of accessory. On many occasions, she has been spotted wearing chunky rectangular prescription glasses even with her evening dresses. You can get a similar look with our top seller online prescription frame.

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez is yet another starlet from the generation that is changing the way we perceive Hollywood and celebrities – the generation not embarrassed of whether they wear Glasses -2.00 or even higher. She flaunts the fact with uber gorgeous tortoise frame that looks exactly like our masterpiece.

Jennifer Aniston091812-jennifer-aniston-400_0

When Jennifer had enough of the world talking about her hair, she decided to divert the attention to something even more enviable – her wonderful selection of prescription eyeglasses. Most memorable of those spectacular spectacles is the brown tortoise frame that looks quite like this hot cake right here.

 88dc0fa95ee187fa96c2cee90b7838a6Zoe Saldana

No list of celebs with specs can be complete without Zoe Saldana, for the woman has always defined and redefined the trends with her unique combination or style and designs. She is famously known for her sleeker cat eye frames with various prints such as our bestseller Ella.

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