Protecting your kids’ eyes when they are playing sports, at the beach or otherwise spending time outside is important. The best thing you can do is find a pair of good-quality sunglasses. Nike kids sunglasses offer excellent protection, comfortable frames and stylish designs. Your kids will love wearing the following five pairs of sunglasses.

kid wearing nike sunglasses

1)Nike Flip

Nike Flip

These glasses have an extra small size that is perfect for kids. They are available in two color combinations: anthracite (dark gray) with green swooshes and black with yellow swooshes. The Nike Flip glasses are in the Nike Sun collection and feature a more casual look. Nonetheless, they are great for activities such as running and volleyball.

2)Nike Whiz

Nike Whiz

If you like the square style but want something a little different, consider the Nike Whiz. These frames are made from Grilamid and are very lightweight. The temples feature two colors that blend into each other for a cool, gradient look. They are available in purple with a pink ember glow, indigo and gray, black and gray, and turquoise and green. These are great for casual or athletic wear.

3)Nike Dash

Nike Dash

For a wraparound frame style, consider the Nike Dash. These frames are available in black, blue, gray, pink and purple. Unlike some other wraparounds, they have full frames. This means that they can accept single vision, bifocal and progressive lenses. These frames are a great choice if you need something for a very active kid.

4)Nike Trainer S

Nike Trainer S

Your kids may love the Nike Trainer S. These are a lightweight pair of wraparound glasses with a sleek, low-profile look. They have open frames and plenty of ventilation for staying comfortable even when playing hard. They are available in black and gray frames. You can order single vision or progressive lenses with these Nike sunglasses.

5)Nike Skylon Ace XV Jr

Nike Skylon Ace XV Jr

The Nike Skylon Ace XV Jr frames are one of the best choices in sunglasses for athletic use. The frames are plastic and lightweight with polycarbonate lenses. They can be ordered with single vision or progressive lenses. Choose between matte black with volt green and matte midnight navy with blue. These are some great-looking glasses with a design that is perfect for a kid on the go.

Place Your Nike Kids Sunglasses Order Today

The above five sunglasses are some of the best offered by Nike for kids. Marvel Optics has a large catalog of sunglasses that will help you protect your whole family’s eyes. Explore our selection today to find the perfect pairs for you. Don’t forget to check out some of our other high-end brands as well. Remember that the sunlight is hard on young eyes. Start your Nike sunglasses for kids search today.

kid wearing nike sunglasses

Frequently Asked Questions About Nike Kids Glasses

Where Can I Order Nike Kids Sunglasses?

You can order Nike glasses for kids from Marvel Optics. We have a large catalog of sunglasses with options for every budget. In addition to Nike glasses, we have other major brands of both athletic and casual sunglasses. Find your ideal frames today.

How Do I Order Nike Kids Glasses With Prescriptions?

We offer most of our sunglasses with optional prescription lenses. On each product page, you can find what types of corrective lenses the frames can take. When you are ready, select the “Prescription Lens” option then “Customize Lens” to get started. You can upload, send or enter your prescription information on the last step.

Are Nike Glasses Good for Sports?

Yes, Nike makes sunglasses primarily for athletic applications. However, the glasses are also perfect for casually relaxing in the sun. Some examples of uses for Nike glasses include running, basketball, volleyball and hiking. Wraparound designs are popular for playing sports.

Which Nike Glasses for Kids Are Best?

The best glasses depend on your tastes and circumstances. However, the Skylon Ace XV Jr glasses are a great choice for kids sunglasses, especially for an active child. They feature a wraparound design with lightweight frames that are ideal for intense motion.

How Do I Make Sure That Sunglasses Will Fit?

Sizing is one of the biggest concerns that people have when ordering glasses online. Fortunately, Marvel Optics has a frame sizing guide that will help you to find the right pair for your needs. Additionally, every product page has the frame dimensions listed.