A survey revealed that 90 percent of eye injuries caused in workplace accidents could have been prevented by safety glasses. Considering the fact that more than one million people in the US suffer from such injuries, a simple pair of safety glasses can save a lot of people from lifelong disability. At Marvel Optics, we are on a mission to improve vision through high-quality yet cheap prescription glasses but also to keep vision protected through safety glasses.


With that said, we want our customers to know that protecting their vision goes beyond using the right safety glasses and gear. Some people can damage their vision simply by unknowingly doing things that can harm eyes in the long-term. From your diet to lifestyle, everything can impact your vision. So, while we reiterate the importance of safety glasses, we also want to share some tips as to how one can keep their vision protected.

Avoid Looking Directly at Bright Lights

Bright light is damaging to the retina of the eyes and may cause temporary or permanent blindness. When we say bright light, it includes the headlights, street lamps, disco lights, and even the laser pointer beam. What is worse is that such lights are commonly used in toys and other everyday items used around the home or offices. The best way to avoid exposure to such light is to wear prescription glasses with high-quality anti-reflective lenses.

Stay Away from Common Hazards

Speaking of everyday items, bright lights are not the only thing destroying vision. Many other everyday items are common culprit behind accidents that cause vision loss. This primarily includes pointed things such as knives, scissors, hangers, darts, and fishhooks. Not to mention, firecrackers also happen to be a huge hazard often overlooked till the damage is incurred. While safety glasses or high quality prescription sunglasses can help lower the risk, know that nothing is worth risking one of the biggest blessings you are born with.

Protection against the Natural Nemesis

 While everyone keeps talking about the dangers of digital devices and screen, let’s not overlook the fact that the biggest enemy is still shining bright at the top of everyone’s head. UV rays are more harmful than most people realize. That is you should never step outside in the sun without your high quality but cheap prescription sunglasses from Marvel Optics.

Check out our complete range of discount glasses and safety glasses and allow us to support you in ensuring protection and safety of your vision.

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