Prescription safety glasses are of high importance because they provide a strong protective barrier against dust, debris, sparks, heat, as well as manufacturing residue. These glasses also have an edge over regular safety glasses, because the double lens of regular glasses present beneath the safety glass create a glare which makes a person highly uncomfortable.

Now let’s take a look at some of the major advantages of wearing prescription safety eyeglasses.

Eye Protection for Industrial Workers

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Prescription safety glasses are specially designed to provide protection to the eyes while working in the construction, metalwork or any other industry which poses regular threat to the eyes.

These glasses protect the eyes of workers from tiny particulates which can fly into the eyes, including powdered chemicals, and hazardous liquids and gases present in the manufacturing department of different industries. These glasses also provide protection against continuous chlorine sting for those workers who clean and maintain chlorinated swimming pools. They can also be worn by regular swimmers who want to avoid the irritable chlorine sting while swimming.

Affordable and Impactful Safety Gear

Prescription safety glasses are highly affordable and they are custom-created, taking into consideration every person’s individualized prescription needs.

These glasses are made of impact resistant plastic and industrial strength glass. Polycarbonate is the most impact-resistant and safe lens material used in the formation of these glasses. It is also used for space shuttle window shields and astronaut helmet shields. This material is scratchproof, shatterproof, with immense comfort and clarity of vision for the user.

Indoor and Outdoor Usage

Those workers who work both outdoors and indoors can benefit from a single pair of high-quality prescription safety glasses. There are many types of cheap prescription safety glasses available online which are feasible for both outdoor and indoor use. These glasses have a protective shield which offers specialized protection against both short wavelength and long wavelength ultraviolet radiations emitted by the sun.

Immense Protection from Sports Injuries

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There are many sports which have a high probability of causing damage to the eyes of the players such as tennis, basketball, baseball and a lot more. Sport injuries can also be caused by elbow jabs and fingernails poking into the eyes. Moreover those sports which involve ‘flying objects’ pose serious threat to the eyes and need specialized eye-protection equipment. Prescription safety glasses are best for those players who require safety gear as well prescription glasses for accurate vision.

Protection against Household Injuries

These glasses also provide protection against household injuries which can cause serious damage to the eyes. For instance, during cooking, your eyes can be irritated by different chemicals or cooking ingredients. Also, there’s high susceptibility of dust and debris entering the eyes while you are mowing the lawn, cutting wood, or engaging in creative activities such as; building a model and a lot more.

Protection against Harmful Radiations

Prescription safety glasses are provided with a filter which changes through different intensities and spectra of light in order to prevent harmful radiations from entering the eyes while using the computer or watching TV. These glasses absorb specific wavelengths of light which can be harmful for the overall health of our eyes, while letting the safe wavelengths pass through, without causing any discomfort or hindrance in the vision of the users.

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