Prescription safety glasses offer you a reliable way to see clearly while keeping your eyes safe. As you prepare for work or your favorite hobby, consider whether you need to wear safety glasses. Order a comfortable, stylish pair today and wear them for any of these activities.

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Sports Activities

One of the main benefits of safety eyewear is impact protection. This piece of safety gear is helpful anytime a projectile is flying toward you. This can be dirt, construction materials or a ball.Here are some common sports that are made safer with safety-rated eyeglasses:

  • Baseball
  • Tennis
  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Pickleball

These are some of the most common activities, but there are many more that could benefit from a pair of glasses. Remember to pick up a strap or wear safety goggles to avoid dropping your eyeglasses on the court or field as you play.

Target Shooting and Hunting

Taking aim with your favorite rifle, handgun or bow is another time when the best prescription safety glasses can help keep you safe. Even the highest rated glasses won’t protect your eyes from a direct gunshot, but it can reduce the risk of injury from an ejected casing or other projectile.

Look for shooting glasses that offer the vision you need a variety of conditions. You can choose blue or yellow lenses to improve your vision as you search a tree line or take aim at a bullseye. UV protection is another key reason to wear these glasses while you’re out enjoying nature or lining up a shot at your favorite range.

Home Improvement Projects

Construction and demolition projects are obvious times when you should be wearing safety glasses. Prescription safety glasses help you see clearly as you swing a hammer, use a saw and take on a project around your home.

Sawing, grinding, sandblasting, welding and hammering are some common tasks that are best performed with safety eyewear. Any demolition task can include flying debris and lots of dust, which can also affect your eyesight. Wear a hard hat, glasses and gloves as the minimum amount of safety gear for any construction project.

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Hazardous Workplaces

There are many workplaces that come with their own hazards. If you work in a manufacturing facility, construction site, ball field or operate heavy machinery for your job, you may be required to wear Z87 prescription safety glasses while on the job. OSHA requires safety eyeglasses for many workplaces, so speak with your employer or manager about safety requirements.



What Are Safety Glasses Made of?

Most safety eyeglasses use polycarbonate lenses to reach the ANSI safety rating required for OSHA approval. These workplace-ready lenses are shatter- and impact-resistant while still offering clear views. Some come with permanent side shields, others are detachable and still others don’t have any material to offer side protection for your eyes.

How Are Safety Eyeglasses Used?

You can wear safety glasses just like any other type of eyewear. They’re designed to protect your eyes from impacts and projectiles. As long as you have properly maintained and rated eyeglasses, you can wear them during any of the above common activities to reduce the risk of eye injury.

Do I Need Accessories for Safety Glasses?

Some prescription safety glasses come with side shields, while others require these accessories to be purchased separately. Another accessory to consider is a Retention strap. This helpful band keeps your eyeglasses secure as you move around the workplace or play a sport. Be sure to pick up a protective case and lens cleaner solution.

Can Safety Glasses Have a Prescription?

Polycarbonate lenses are capable of being manufactured with most prescriptions. Always speak with your optometrist about your prescription before ordering a pair. When you order online you can select your prescription at the time of ordering to enjoy clear vision and safe activities. Consider other available lens features, like UV protection, anti-fog coatings and tinted lenses.

How Do I Know Glasses Are Safe?

Not all eyewear can protect you in harsh work environments or fast-paced sporting events. To be sure your glasses offer the protection you need, look for a pair that has the ANSI Z87 safety rating. This means the glasses were reviewed by an independent party to verify they offer impact protection.

Shop for safety glasses today to find a quality pair for your next project. From a major home improvement project to an intense game of tennis, don’t let your daily activities affect the health and safety of your eyes. Order a name-brand pair from Marvel Optics to enjoy great prices on the eyeglasses you love.