When the time comes to buy a new pair of prescription glasses, there are a few important factors to take into consideration. While you might be aware that you need to think about your options with frame material and lens coatings, there are other elements at play with the construction of your glasses. The numbers found inscribed on the inside of the frames of your glasses, for example, have specific meanings that might be useful to your search. Taking time to understand the importance of these numbers is a great way to make an informed decision when buying glasses.

Take a look at this helpful info surrounding the numbers used on glasses. With a little research, you’ll know everything that you need to know in order to buy a new pair of prescription glasses online.

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The First Number

There are three sets of numbers listed on a pair of glasses or sunglasses. Each has a specific meaning, but all are meant to reflect the size measurements of the glasses. The numbers on the glasses you wear will have different markings than glasses worn by someone who has a head of a different size. The first number listed gives the width of the lenses. For example, you might see a marking of 52, which tells someone looking at the frames that each lens is 52 millimeters in width.

The Second Number

The second measurement relates somewhat to the first. This number is meant to inform about the distance between the lenses. This correlates with the design of the bridge and ensures that the lenses are in the correct position to help aid a person’s eyesight. A marking of 15 in the second position on a pair of glasses frames is meant to showcase that the width between the lenses is 15 millimeters.

The Third Number

The final number listed on the inside of prescription glasses is the length of the temple arm. This is the complete length of the arm from the hinge back until it stretches behind the ear. Typically, this is the largest of the three numbers listed. An average measurement would be about 135, meaning that the entire length of the temple arm is 135 millimeters.

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Exceptions to the Rule

While these numbers are usually the most prominent markings found on the interior of the frames of your glasses, there is a chance you will see other numbers listed. In most cases, these are manufacturer markings to denote specific features of the model. You might see numbers meant to highlight the design of the frames or the type of lens colors used. These numbers will usually be easy to differentiate from the dimensions of the glasses because the codes will usually be larger numbers than the measurements.

How To Use These Numbers

Understanding what these numbers mean can make it a lot easier to order new glasses online. If you have your frames handy, you can simply input the dimensions of your eyewear when placing an order. This guarantees you receive frames that perfectly fit your face.

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