Many people need vision correction for multiple vision problems. These are individuals who suffer from both near and far vision problems. If you are among these individuals, then you may have used the traditional bifocal eyeglasses. These products are difficult to use, because they offer a reduced depth of field, which means that you either must adjust your eyes’ perspective or your eyeglasses when you shift your focus to objects near you and far from you.

No Line eyeglasses are the ideal answer to these problems. With the use of these progressive eyeglasses, that do not have a visible focal division line, you get the following benefits that offer the ideal vision correction:

Single Pair for All Needs

The most important benefit of using these excellent eyeglasses is that they offer the normal vision correction, as well as offering an answer to presbyopia. This is a near vision problem that naturally occurs after the age of 40. Rather than using a separate pair of reading glasses, the use of progressive eyeglasses resolves all problems and provides functionality under all conditions.
The single pair of these amazing vision correction glasses works for you in multiple conditions. You can easily use them for everyday needs and ensure that your eyeglasses fully support your vision in all activities.

Natural Vision

No Line eyeglasses are great because they offer you natural vision. This is possible because there are multiple focal lengths available in the lens, and your eyes can make a smoother progression to different focuses when looking at various objects. This means that you will not get a strong kick which you get when using bifocal eyeglasses with a distinct line that shows different focuses on the same glasses.
The good thing with these eyeglasses is that there are multiple focus levels, which do not change in strong steps. The presence of a strong line can be difficult for people to enjoy normal visions, just as they would with their own eyes.

The Corridor

Progressive glasses are made after you know the corridor for your glasses. A corridor refers to the distance between the far view and near view in your progressive glasses. It is found by your doctor who takes multiple measurements and finds out the ideal corridor for the different vision corrections that you need. Modern No Line prescription glasses are specially prepared to offer you the ideal corridor. The transition for far vision correction to reading vision correction is smooth and ensures that you can easily change your focus without eye strain.

Marvel Optics understands all vision needs. Try our amazing progressive eyeglasses that offer protection from presbyopia, while still providing the traditional vision correction.