So you have a strange feeling that something is just not right with your prescription glasses. You can’t see clearly or your headaches have become constant. Your optometrist might have told you that your prescription eyeglasses, particularly bifocals and trifocals, need certain adjustment duration during which you get used to the new prescription. This adjustment period may vary according to your individual vision problems and the kind of prescription glasses you use, and may last for days, weeks, or even months.

So how would you know if your vision problems are related to this transition period or are caused by a low quality prescription? Continue reading to take a look at some of the basic elements that make a quality pair of prescription glasses.

Your eyeglasses should complement your facial structure, be comfortable, protect your eyesight, and resolve your vision issues. Since there are lots of frames and lenses available in the market, it is easy to get confused. Not all eyeglasses are equal. It is important to know the difference between lens materials, lens treatments and tints, and frame materials to buy the perfect online eyeglasses.

Eyeglass Material

The material used to manufacture your eyeglasses has a huge impact on their clarity, durability, thickness, weight, optical purity, resistance to scratches, and impact resistance. The following few materials are commonly used in the eyewear industry:


This light and thin eyeglass material is preferred for its durability and resistance to solvents. Since it ensures an amazing reduction in thickness of the eyeglass, it is commonly used for high as well as moderate prescriptions.


A few characteristics that make add to the benefits of this material include its light weight, impact resistance, and resistance to solvents. It is commonly preferred for kids’ eyeglasses as well as rimless frame styles.


This unique material is another great choice for kids’ eyeglasses. Since it is lightweight and almost unbreakable, it can easily be used to manufacture workplace safety glasses.


This material is one of the most common choices for eyeglasses due to its lower production cost and convenient availability. However, when compared to other eyeglass materials, CR-39 proves to be a thicker and relatively brittle option. Moreover, it can scratch easily.


The efficiency of this eyewear largely depends on the expertise of your optician measuring and adjusting your eyeglasses. The reason being if your progressive glasses are not either fixed in the frame properly or perfectly aligned to your eyes, you will probably find it difficult seeing through your glasses. Make sure to find and buy discount prescription eyeglasses that result in the best vision.

Is Your Prescription Correct?

A missing digit, incorrect reading, or even a typo can completely change your prescription. These mistakes may not always be made by the optometrist. You probably had scheduled your eye examination after a hectic day, and your eyes were weak and exhausted, thus having a negative impact on your results.

Following are a few symptoms that may indicate a problem with your prescription:

  • Lack of focus or extreme blurriness.
  • Extreme nausea that is not related to any other medical condition.
  • Dizziness or headaches caused by extreme eye strain.
  • Symptoms persist even though your prescription eyeglasses are centered right in front of your eyes.
  • Symptoms persist even after the completion of adjustment period.

These problems, however, are not always caused by prescription glasses and may be a result of any other medical condition.

Buy high quality prescription eyeglasses online that are not just a quick deal, but offer you the best results for your eyes and the overall vision.