When Marvel Optics introduced discount prescription glasses online, the idea was to help customer save considerable amount of money on their eyeglasses expense. You don’t have to think twice before buying cheap prescription glasses. You can actually buy a new pair of glasses online multiple times in a year. While it sounds fun if it is just for the sake of fashion, it gets troubling if it is because your prescription keeps changing.   

One good thing about prescription glasses is that they not help you see better, they also reduce the stress on your eyes and save your eye sight from further damage. Still, there are many factors that act to make your eyesight weaker. However, a little diligence and care from your side can help you keep your prescription from changing too often.

Here are a few tips that can help you take better care of your eye health. If you are lucky, you might actually feel a positive difference in your eye sight.

1. Don’t Miss Your Check Up

Our online eyeglasses experts recommend visiting your optometrist twice a year. In case that is not possible, at least one visit per year is extremely necessary. Not only does it ensures that you are wearing the right prescription, it also keeps you aware of any eye problem you might have developed during that time. According to our expert, regular checkup can help cataract patients get diagnosed and treated at an early stage.  Regular checkups are extremely crucial for people with sensitive eyes or computer vision issue.

2. Save your Eyes from Risks

Do you know that greenery and natural sceneries are good for your vision? They soothe your eyes and help them relieve the stress. At the same time, other environmental factors can cause them harm. These factors include sun rays, dust, smoke, and other pollutants that surround us. You should always protect your eyes from their side effects by using high quality sunglasses. Even prescription eyeglasses come with lenses that do a great job blocking the harmful rays and environmental adversities.

3. Let Your Eyes Relax

Everyone agrees on the fact that eyes are the most valuable senses we are blessed with. Unfortunately, we don’t seem to value them enough. Most of us don’t realize that our eyes require as much rest as the rest of our body. The first thing you need to make your eyes relax is improve your sleeping habits. You need at least seven hours of sleep to let your eyes relax properly. Moreover, you should use the cold compression method to further relieve the fatigue and stress. If your daily routine requires working on a computer, you should give your eyes a break almost every two hours. 

4. Eat Healthy for Healthier Eyes

Your diet has a lot to do with your eyes. It is a scientifically proven fact that healthy food rich in vitamin and mineral can improve your eye health and vision. Green vegetables and citrus fruits are known to improve condition of the cornea resulting in sharper vision. Also, your diet can drastically minimize your chances of developing eye diseases such as cataract. In many cases, you eye specialist might even suggest a dietary supplement to help you improve your eye health.

5. Invest in Better Glasses

Finally, the quality and type of lenses you choose for your prescription glasses can greatly affect you vision and eye health. Low quality lenses can severely damage your eyes due to the amount of harmful rays they allow to penetrate into the eye.

 With Marvel Optics, it is now easier for everyone to buy eyeglasses only without worrying about the cost or the quality. We offer the best of both worlds!