Six out of every ten people wear prescription eyeglasses. This stat, however, doesn’t translate the extent of eye issues and vision related problems around the world. While some people develop eye related issues due to natural reasons, some invite it by not properly taking care of their eyes and visions.

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Marvel Optics, as a responsible company offering discount prescription glasses and protective safety glasses online, is highly concerned about spreading awareness regarding eye health. We want people to take better care of their vision, and that is why we keep sharing expert tips and opinions from time to time.

Today, we are going to address a common concern regarding eye creams and if they are safe to be used around one of the most sensitive areas on our body.

Why Do People Use Eye Creams?

Eyes are the first to giveaway your age. Without proper sunglasses and UV protection, you can develop wrinkles and pigmentation around that area. There are many internal problems, such as hormonal or digestive issues, that can lead to dark circles, puffy eyes, or crowfeet. All these issues make you look tired and older. Eye creams are created to eliminate all these symptoms. Each cream works differently from the other. There are some that target all the problems, but others only target a specific issue.

The reason these creams are considered safer for eyes is because they are tested by ophthalmologists. They contain higher amount of moisture, and lesser chemicals, for the skin that is thinner and more sensitive than the rest of your face. If you are using a high quality tested and approved product, they do not pose any threat to vision. Yet, you should always try to make sure the product stays outside the eye.

It All Depends on the Ingredients

Yes, eye creams are safe, but not all creams are created the same. All manufacturers claim that their product is the best and safest. No matter what the advertisements say, you need to be able to read the label and find out red flags that may make a certain product unsafe.

Always make sure the creams you use around the eye area are free of prabens, sodium laurel sulfate, perfumes, paraffin, and anything that you cannot pronounce. The safest route is to go for creams that contain natural ingredients and lots of vitamins for protection. Ingredients such as Q10 and Hyaluronic acids are also considered safe and effective. Some people, however, develop allergies to these ingredients.

Lastly, don’t forget that prevention is the best cure. Use high quality prescription sunglasses when going out in the sun and use safety glasses in winter to avoid dryness. Eat vision friendly food and stay hydrated.

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