Prescription Wood Sunglasses

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Style is everything when it comes to sunglasses. While you want to opt for a pair that will shield your eyes from the dangers of UV-A and UV-B rays, it is important to select a frame style that makes you feel confident and excited to wear them. If you’re the type of person who enjoys jumping on with the latest trends, then you might want to take a look at prescription wood sunglasses. Made from bamboo, this is an eyewear option that has grown in popularity over the last few years and might offer the style you desire.

Lightweight and Comfortable

Bamboo sunglasses are advantageous for a number of reasons. The frames usually cover the entirety of glass and will be comprised entirely of wood or feature a few wooden accents to enhance the appearance of the eyewear. Due to being comprised predominantly of wood like bamboo, these glasses are lightweight and sit comfortably on the face. This can be a big advantage for anyone who wants to slip on sunglasses without feeling like the eyewear is digging into his or her skin and acting as a serious obstruction.

Perfect for Outdoors

Wood frame prescription sunglasses are ideal for anyone who enjoys leisurely activities outdoors. Due to the lightweight design, these glasses are strong but not as durable as glasses made from stronger materials. This means you don’t want them for high-impact activities like sports. However, prescription wood grain sunglasses are great for someone who wants to up his or her style in the summer. Wooden frames are trendy, yet still offer a classic appearance that will not fall out of style as popular trends begin to shift. All you need to do is find a design you love!

Prescription Wood Sunglasses FAQs

Are Wood Sunglasses Popular?

Recent years have seen prescription wood sunglasses shoot up in popularity. The slick design and classic style makes it a perfect look for anyone who enjoys spending time outside. It can also be a very exciting style for anyone who is searching for a unique kind of look from his or her eyewear.

How Do I Pick the Right Wood Sunglasses?

Selecting the right sunglasses for your lifestyle comes down to the shape of your face. Matching the frames with your face shape helps to guarantee you will land on a pair that feels great and accentuates your best features each time that you put them on for a day outside.

What Are Polarized Lenses?

Some wooden glasses can be fitted with polarized lenses. This means the lenses can be treated in a way that helps to reduce the amount of glare you experience on sunny days. Polarization also helps to improve the wearer’s field of vision and general sense of clarity.

Do Wood Glasses Float?

For the most part, wooden glasses do float! Due to the lightweight nature of bamboo, glasses made from this type of wood will easily float on the water. This can be a huge help to anyone who spends the summer at the beach and worries about dropping glasses in the ocean.

Are Wood Glasses Durable?

Wood glasses are durable, but there are some points of which to stay aware. Bamboo is not as durable as other material options. If your goal is to select glasses that will stay strong while you’re playing sports, another material might be a more practical fit for you to reach your goals.

If you’re looking for eyewear that offers a unique style and protection from the harsh rays of the sun, prescription wood sunglasses might be the ideal fit for you. Made from quality materials like bamboo, these prescription glasses will be a great fit when you want to boost your appearance in a subtle way. Take a moment to look through the inventory available at Marvel Optics and get a more comprehensive understanding of what options await you.


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