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If your favorite place to be is outdoors trekking through rocky, mountainous landscapes, the right prescription mountaineering sunglasses are essential for keeping you safe while you perform your favorite activities. Whether your hobby of choice is hiking, mountain climbing, or mountain biking, you need to maintain a clear vision of the path ahead of you no matter the weather or lighting conditions. At Marvel Optics, we have a wide variety of high-quality mountaineering sunglasses from top brands at unbeatable prices.

A Snug Fit

When you’re looking for a new pair of prescription mountain climbing sunglasses or cycling glasses, your eyewear needs to stay firm on your face as you move. Glasses designed for exercise or sports are your best bet since they are designed to prevent slippage. Always make sure your glasses fit your face. The frame should sit close behind the ears and around the bridge of the nose without being painful. Rubber nosepieces and temples can also help prevent your glasses from slipping as you sweat or encounter wet conditions. An adjustable retainer strap can also give you added security and prevent you from losing your glasses when in motion.

The Best Vision

In addition to having glasses that stay secure on your face as you move and sweat, your prescription mountaineering sunglasses need to help you see clearly. While polarization lenses are often useful when hiking or mountain climbing since they enrich your vision of colors and reduce glare, they are not ideal for mountain biking since they can affect your depth perception. Some bikers rely on transition lenses to navigate changing light conditions while others buy glasses that allow them to frequently change the lens color.

Prescription Mountaineering Sunglasses FAQs

Do I Need Polarized Sunglasses for Cycling?

No, while some people prefer polarized sunglasses for mountain biking or cycling, many cycling glasses are not polarized for a good reason. The purpose of this technology is to reduce glare. However, cyclists can benefit from seeing the glare from the obstacles on the road and maintaining normal depth perception. Polarization may be helpful for people who bike near bodies of water or who don’t rely on digital displays for navigation.

How Can You Tell if Sunglasses Are UV Protected?

You cannot tell if sunglasses provide UV protection based on their tint. Rather, the lenses should be labeled with what percent of UV rays they block. There are several factors that affect the protection your lenses provide including the material of the lenses, whether they are polarized, and if any additional coatings have been added.

Can You Get Wrap Around Prescription Glasses?

Yes, it is possible to get wraparound prescription glasses from a certified optician. Wrap around glasses provide more coverage and protection than regular sunglasses. Since they extend to the peripheral, these types of glasses also allow a wider field of vision. This makes them a great choice for prescription mountaineering sunglasses and other outdoor activities.

What Are Category 3 Sunglasses?

When choosing sunglasses, there are five different lens categories ranging from 0 to 4. While category 0 or 1 lens are considered fashion spectacles and offer little to no coverage, category 4 sunglasses offer extreme glare reduction and UV protection. It is often recommended to purchase category 2 or 3 lenses for biking, climbing, or hiking sunglasses.

What Color Lenses Are Best for Mountain Biking?

Having several lens colors on hand is useful for changing conditions. Classic gray lenses are a safe choice for bright conditions, but they don’t perform well when riding through shadows. Brown lenses make green more visible during the day. Amber and orange lenses are good choices for low light conditions. Yellow lenses are ideal for foggy weather.


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