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Spending time outdoors can come with a variety of unique obstacles. In order to maximize your enjoyment of nature without running the risk of an injury, you need to stay prepared whenever you take an excursion into the wilderness. One way to achieve this is with quality ballistic sunglasses. Designed for members of the military and those who enjoy spending time outside, prescription ballistic sunglasses can offer you the enhanced protection you need to truly size the day during your next camping trip, fishing experience, or hike along the winding trails.

Eyewear That Is Built To Last

While most quality sunglasses are built to last, ballistic polarized sunglasses are designed to meet the demands of the military. The eyewear is constructed to provide ample covering and shield the eyes from projectiles and other dangerous fragments in the air. The polarization treatment provided on some lenses takes things an extra step by reducing the glare caused by light hitting reflective surfaces and providing a clearer field of vision. The military is selective in what gear it allows members to use, meaning this eyewear is built for the most challenging of environments.

Rated for Safety

Wiley X ballistic sunglasses feature an ANSI rating to help guarantee quality. The American National Standards Institute is a third-party organization that tests products to ensure overall quality. When eyewear has been approved by ANSI, it means that you can trust that it will provide you with ample protection in a variety of scenarios. What’s more, this safety designation is required in order for the glasses to be placed on the Authorized Protective Eyewear List of the United States military. Stay safe and protect your eyes with glasses that are proven to stand strong.

Ballistic Sunglasses FAQs

What Are Ballistic Glasses?

Ballistic sunglasses are a type of glasses that are designed to protect the eyes from fragments, projectiles, and environmental irritants common for members of the military. The glasses can be used to improve the way an individual sees in a number of outdoor scenarios outside of the military as well.

Can You Wear Glasses in the Military?

Yes, the military allows members to wear glasses. However, any eyewear worn by someone enlisted needs to come from the Authorized Protective Eyewear List released by the military. If the brand and design is approved by APEL, then it means the glasses can be trusted.

What Are Tactical Sunglasses?

Tactical sunglasses are another name for ballistic sunglasses. Essentially, glasses that are given this type of designation are said to be durable and tough. Beyond this, the lenses on tactical sunglasses are resistant to scratches. In some cases, tactical sunglasses feature polarized lenses to improve overall clarity of vision.

How Do Polarized Lenses Help?

Polarization is a useful process for those looking to invest in ballistic eyewear. Lenses that have been polarized are able to filter out light that reflects off surfaces like water, glass, and snow. This reduces glare and makes it much easier to see in a number of difficult conditions.

How Do I Select Ballistic Sunglasses That Fit?

Picking appropriate sunglasses comes down to paying attention to key factors. The main goal with tactical eyewear is function. Still, focusing on the shape of your face when selecting a frame design can help you pick a style that allows you to look your best and boost your confidence when on the field.

Selecting the right ballistic sunglasses takes time. Whether you’re joining the military or simply looking to improve your next outdoor experience, you don’t want to rush into the decision. Consider how you can make the most of your investment and review the various options available through the extensive inventory at Marvel Optics. Once you’ve found a pair that works for your needs, you’ll know.


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