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Traditional means of purchasing Rx eyewear can be unaffordable for many people. At Marvel Optics, we offer many prescription glasses on sale so you can find a pair you like for cheap. Simply browse through our discounted glasses to find a style you like and easily customize them to your liking. Order frames without a prescription or conveniently submit your order online.

Our Mission

Selling high-quality eyewear at an affordable price has always been one of our main goals at Marvel Optics. From partnering with several global organizations to help provide low-income children with prescription eyewear to eliminating unnecessary costs, we strive to offer our customers a wide selection of glasses within their budget.

Our Selection

Our sale on prescription eyeglasses includes many different types of glasses. You can search for a variety of frame types, including full, rimless, or semi-rimless frames. Purchase a pair of fashionable plastic rims or opt for durable metal frames. We often carry more unique materials on sale, such as frames made from primarily wood. Find sleek, black frames for a more professional look or purchase a colorful frame to match your bold personality.

Our Guarantee

When you buy glasses from us, you can always make your purchase with confidence knowing your payment is secure and satisfaction is guaranteed. If your new glasses do not meet your expectations, you can always make a return within two weeks of ordering the product as long as they are in the same condition as when you received them. Our highly qualified customer service team is available to help you along every step of the process, from choosing the right frames for your needs to having an issue resolved. Always enjoy free shipping for orders $100 or more, and you can expect your delivery to make it to you in a timely manner.

On Sale FAQs

Who Has the Best Sale on Eyeglasses?

When trying to hunt down a good deal on eyeglasses, buying glasses online is a good place to start since many websites offer a wide variety of budget frames to choose from. We frequently have optical eyeglasses on sale that are marked down well below their normal retail value.

What Is the Average Price for a Pair of Prescription Glasses?

The price of prescription eyewear varies widely depending on the materials used to make the glasses and the special features included. While some glasses on sale are as cheap as $8, it is not unheard of for top glasses brands to cost over $1000. The national average for glasses is just under $200.

How Can I Save Money on Prescription Glasses?

Searching online for a sale on prescription eyeglasses instead of choosing from your eye doctor’s limited selection can bring down the cost of your new eyewear considerably. Once you find glasses you like within your budget, remember that add-ons such as light-adjusting lenses or an antireflective coating bring up the overall cost.

How Can I Get Cheap Glasses Without Insurance?

The first way you can save money when you don’t have vision insurance is to get a free or low-cost eye exam at a vision center. Once you get your prescription, you can find plenty of discounted frames online for well under $50. Just make sure to find eyewear in the correct size.

Is It Safe To Buy Eyeglasses on Sale Online?

Yes, it is typically safe to buy your glasses on the internet. Online stores offer a wider variety than most eye care centers, and you can often find glasses at a very low price. However, the one con to shopping online is that you are unable to try on a frame before purchasing it.


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