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Racquetball is a lot of fun to play. Getting that small, fast-moving ball in your eye because you couldn’t see it is a lot less fun. Fortunately, you can solve both problems with a good pair of prescription racquetball goggles from Marvel Optics. They will keep your eyes safe from hazards while also correcting your vision.

Staying Safe

Sports like racquetball and squash create a serious hazard for players who need corrective lenses. While contacts may be an option, this is less than ideal. Instead, with prescription sports goggles racquetball becomes safer and easier. They offer the visibility and impact resistance you need. Many of our goggles are ANSI rated for their ability with withstand impacts. That includes the ball as well as accidents with racquets.

Customize Your Experience

We offer many features on our racquetball goggles that you can choose when you customize your lenses with a prescription. For example, if you want progressive lenses, you can choose that option. We also provide treatments such as anti-scratch and anti-fog. These are both very valuable for your prescription racquetball goggles which may need to take on significant impacts while you are playing hard.

We want you to have the best experience possible with your Marvel Optics goggles. That is why we offer so many customization options at a great price. We are confident that the next time you take the court with your racquetball goggles, you will have the most comfortable, safe and effective goggles you’ve ever worn.

Risk-Free Orders

At Marvel Optics, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t like your goggles, you can return them for a replacement or a refund. We want you to be totally happy with your racquetball goggles.

Don’t wait to prioritize your eyes. Check out our full selection of prescription goggles for racquetball. Order yours today and get ready to play.

Prescription Racquetball Goggles FAQs

Do You Need Goggles for Squash?

Although you are not typically required to have goggles for squash, they are strongly recommended. The high speeds, small size and firmness of the squash ball make it a serious hazard for your eyes. A single accident could have permanent consequences. Strongly consider getting squash goggles. You only have the one set of eyes.

How Do I Keep My Racquetball Goggles From Fogging Up?

When you order from Marvel Optics, you can choose an anti-fog treatment when you select prescription racquetball goggles. This will significantly help reduce fogging in your goggles. If you are in a pinch with your current goggles, rubbing the lenses with baby shampoo, shaving cream or even saliva before rinsing can help.

Can You Play Racquetball With Glasses?

You should not attempt to play racquetball with regular eyeglasses. The lenses on standard glasses are a serious hazard. Instead, purchase some high-quality prescription goggles for racquetball. These will help correct your vision while offering your eyes impact protection. Furthermore, it will stop you from breaking your everyday eyeglasses.

Can You Wear Racquetball Goggles Over Glasses?

Although some pairs of goggles can fit over glasses, these are typically large and poorly suited for the game. Instead, try some racquetball prescription goggles. These will offer you the vision correction of your glasses with combined with the protection of your goggles. In short, you get the best of both worlds.

How Do I Pick the Right Racquetball Goggles?

The right goggles are different for everyone. However, you can find the right pair more easily by checking out our “how-to” guides. These will offer instructions on finding the right sizing and entering your prescription. Make sure to look for goggles that are rated for impact resistance. Also, if you need corrective lenses, get prescription goggles.


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