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It is not always easy to know how to best protect yourself when faced with the unknown. Of course,  some gear is designed to meet these exact kinds of challenges. When you rely on glasses to see and enter into an environment where your eyewear might be susceptible to damage, enhanced protection is a must. Military goggles can help you by providing a shield that covers your eyes and reduces the odds that a sudden blow or tiny particle will cause you serious issues with your vision.

Perfect for Sports

Prescription military goggles can make a huge difference to the way you perceive the world around you. When you’re playing a high-contact sport like basketball, you might have concern that a sudden hit with an elbow will damage or totally destroy your eyewear. To reduce this anxiety and help you play your best, protective gear can be a huge help. No matter what activities you’re involved with, there’s eyewear meant to keep you safe. From military ski goggles meant for colder climates to military tactical goggles for low-light environments, there are many options worth your consideration.

Look for ANSI Rating

In order to feel confident in the brand you select, be sure to look for an ANSI rating. Eyewear that has been rated by the American National Standards Institute is superior for many reasons. The rating designation exists to showcase that the military goggles have gone through a series of strict tests in order to ensure quality. When you see that a product has been approved by ANSI, it means that you know it will stand strong when faced with the many tests it faces in your busy life.

Military Goggles FAQs

Can You Wear Glasses in the Military?

Yes, you can wear glasses in the military. A vision test is required, but a majority of individuals with vision impairment are able to serve by wearing proper prescription eyewear. Each branch has specific regulations, so be sure to look into the details to know what will be expected of you while in the service.

Are Military Goggles Regulation?

Goggles can be worn in the military. However, as with all eyewear and apparel, the products and brands must come from a list of pre-approved options. The military requires all members to adhere to these wardrobe restrictions, as the approved gear has been tested to meet the standards of the military.

How Should Goggles Fit?

Making sure that your goggles fit properly will come down to a few factors. For one, you need to make sure you select goggles that fully cover the area around your eyes. If the visor itself is too big or small, you need a different size. Other adjustments for comfort can be handled by fixing the bands on the goggles to meet your preferences.

How Do I Pick the Right Goggles?

Selecting eyewear that works for you can come down to the shape of your face. Experts suggest selecting glasses and other protective gear based around the unique structure of your facial bones. Someone with a square jaw, for example, will look best in eyewear featuring rounded edges.

Does the Military Regulate Sunglasses?

Whether you’re searching for protective goggles or sunglasses to keep the sun out of your eyes on a bright day, members of the military must select approved style and brand options. Thankfully, there are a ton of regulation sunglasses that can help you look your best and keep your eyes safe from harsh UV rays.

Whether you’re a member of the military or someone who is simply looking for a pair of glasses that will make you look cool, selecting the best military goggles for your needs can take time. Give yourself the opportunity to browse the extensive selection available at Marvel Optics and get a better idea of what exciting styles might work best for you.


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