Kids Single Vision Eyeglasses

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If you need kids single prescription glasses, you have come to the right place. At Marvel Optics, we have a diverse selection of frames and styles to match every kid’s style and vision-correction needs. To get started finding the perfect pair of glasses, just explore our catalog for a fun and kid-friendly pair of frames.

Features for Active Kids

Kids like to run and play. This can sometimes spell bad news for kid’s single vision eyeglasses. Fortunately, Marvel Optics has the solution. Many of our kids’ frames feature flex hinges and silicone-lined temples. These help to keep the glasses securely in place and avoid any damage if they get dropped. Our glasses are designed to be ready for even the most energetic kids.

Lens Options

When you order kids single vision glasses from Marvel Optics, you will have a selection of customization options to choose from. These include whether to get tinting for use outside. We can also offer light-adjusting lenses that can work both indoors and outdoors.

You can choose the lens material for the glasses. One option is our ANSI-rated an impact-resistant polycarbonate. These are ready to stand up to even the most roughly playing kid.

Additionally, we have protective options such as anti-scratch and UV protection. Every pair of Marvel Optics’ kid’s single vision eyeglasses is custom made to order. So, you can mix and match whatever features you want on your child’s lenses. We offer options for every budget. You can be confident you will find something that is right for your family.

Check out our selection of kid’s glasses today. We have many options to choose from for styles and lenses. You can be confident you will find a pair of glasses for even the pickiest of children. Take a look at our how-to guides for help with sizing and more.

Kids Single Vision Eyeglasses FAQs

Do Kids Wear Single Vision Glasses?

Yes, kids often wear single vision glasses. In fact, single vision is the most common type of prescription lens. Kids prescription glasses are similar to adult glasses in most ways. The key differences are that they are in smaller sizes and have more kid-friendly designs. Explore our selection to find something you love.

What Are the Best Glasses for Kids?

The best glasses for kids are whichever ones they enjoy wearing the most. At Marvel Optics, we have a broad selection of eyeglasses for kids. You can find your child a pair of frames he or she will love to wear. If you are buying glasses for sports, consider our impact-resistant, polycarbonate lenses.

What Is a Pediatric Eye Doctor Called?

An eye doctor for children may be called a pediatric ophthalmologist or a pediatric optometrist. The former deals with all types of eye health for children including vision care. The latter focuses on just vision care such as sight testing and correction. Ophthalmologists have the most training but may specialize in other aspects of eye care.

How Do I Know If My Child Needs Glasses?

The only way to know if your child needs glasses is to see an eye doctor for testing and diagnosis. However, you can watch for signs of vision problems. There is more information on these signs below. In some cases, children will complain about difficulty seeing.

What Are the Signs Your Child Needs Glasses?

The simplest sign that your child needs glasses is if he or she complains about or appears to be struggling with reading things that should be legible. This may manifest in the classroom with difficulty reading the board. Other signs include squinting, rubbing eyes excessively, headaches, eye pain, sitting close to screens, tilting head to see or covering one eye.


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