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Men’s Progressive Eyeglasses

As you get older, many aspects of your life begin to change. While you likely put a lot of time in at the gym to keep your body in decent shape, there are some tricks of time that are difficult to overcome. Your eyesight, for example, is known to degrade over the years. If you already wear glasses to see, this means that it is highly likely you will need a stronger or more specific prescription in the near future. Men’s progressive eyeglasses feature lenses that boost vision and are usually a good pick for men of a certain age.

Multifocal Lenses

Men’s progressive glasses, which are sometimes known by the name of multifocal lenses, are a type of corrective lens.  There are several ways to tell whether or not you might need this type of eyewear. If you already rely on glasses to see objects that are far away, for example, and begin to have difficulty distinguishing close-up objects, then you could require men’s progressive reading glasses. This is often called presbyopia and the reduction in vision is considered a normal part of growing older. By switching to multifocal lenses, you can make your life a lot easier during the transition.

Common Vision Concerns

People who experience new vision issues while reading or looking at objects close up can benefit from progressive eyeglasses for men for a number of reasons. For one, someone who has trouble reading and wears glasses for far-off objects might simply purchase a pair of reading glasses and switch back and forth between the two pairs whenever needed. Men’s progressive eyeglasses eliminate the need for a person to own more than one pair of glasses. With multifocal, you will be able to boost your vision in whatever way you need with one only a single pair of quality glasses.

Men’s Progressive Eyeglasses FAQs

What Does Progressive Mean With Glasses?

Progressive is a term for lenses that have been crafted with multifocal features. The glasses can help those who are experiencing new vision challenges with age and can be a huge asset for anyone who is sick and tired of switching between one pair of glasses and another in order to see.

Are Progressive Lenses Good for Men?

Men and women alike can benefit from the power of progressive lenses. As with any change to your current eyewear, you want to check with your optometrist before making any decisions. Your doctor can tell you exactly what you need to avoid causing more damage to your eyes.

Is There a Difference Between Premium and Standard Progressive Lenses?

Technology has greatly improved the way that eyewear is designed. Premium men’s progressive eyeglasses are similar to standard progressive lenses, with the difference being that premium lenses have been designed by a computer in order to provide the most customized experience for those with specific vision requirements.

How Long Do Progressives Take to Adjust?

Exact adjustment times will vary depending on your vision. According to experts, it can take a few weeks or months for the average person to feel comfortable with the new lenses. As long as you have patience, you will be able to handle the discomfort of the initial transition.

Can I Wear Progressive Lenses To Drive?

Of course! Progressive lenses are meant to enhance your vision, including your time behind the wheel. As long as your eyes have adjusted to the new eyewear and you feel confident and comfortable, there is nothing wrong with hopping into your car for some adventure on the open road.

Though there are a number of challenges that come along with growing older, there are also plenty of solutions to help you through these transitions. Take time to explore the extensive selection of men’s progressive eyeglasses available at Marvel Optics and discover a pair that will help you get the most out of your vision.


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