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Buy Non-Prescription Kid’s Fashion Eyeglasses at Marvel Optics features 100% non-prescription eyeglasses for kids at amazing prices. Kid’s fashion eyeglasses give your children the style and identity they want without expensive designer eyewear costs. Our huge selection of fake prescription glasses is ideal for kids because they have lenses without RX prescriptions in them.  This is perfect for kids that have 20/20 vision but still want to define their unique styles and impressions.

From scholarly to funky, we showcase a range of eyewear brands and styles for youngsters. You can easily shop kid’s fashion glasses at Marvel Optics with no hassle guaranteed. Simply visit our fake glasses online store to order any frame or lenses (RX or non-RX) you need and we will handle the rest.

Shop Kid’s Fashion Glasses Online at Amazingly Low Prices

Finding hipster kid’s glasses should not cost a fortune. At Marvel Optics, we make it easy and affordable to get kid’s fashion eyeglasses in virtually any frame or style you need. With a myriad of colors, patterns, shapes, and sizes, here are some more reasons why customers are always happy shopping for fake eyewear at our site:

  • While our prices on kid’s fake eyeglasses are low, the quality of these spectacles is always of the highest quality and grades.
  • We feature a convenient “try it on” tool which allows your kids to see how these glasses will look before they arrive at your home.
  • Whether your child or kids need a prescription or non-prescription lenses, we have it all. Check out our online eyewear gallery for detailed product information, images, and specs on all glasses – sunglasses – and accessories.

Find Hipster Kids Glasses that are Cool and Fun for All Social Events

When you shop kid’s fashion glasses at Marvel Optics, you get the best eyewear from the best in the business. From hipster glasses to modern, contemporary styles, we carry a fine line of fake eyeglasses for kids and loved ones. With a highly-dedicated team of opticians, technicians, and online support reps, we are always committed to giving you the best customer experience possible. Simply contact our friendly customer service staff today for all eyewear-related questions or online ordering assistance.

Kids Fashion Eyeglasses FAQs

Do fake glasses hurt your eyes?

Fake glasses have lenses but with no prescription in them. These spectacles are fashionable, affordable, and do not hurt your eyes. In fact, there are several benefits of wearing fake eyewear, including:

  • Non-prescription lenses are like looking through clear windows for better vision.
  • Fake glasses are normal, healthy, and feature high-quality lens coatings.
  • Anti-blue lenses protect your eyes from harmful computer and device glare – and can be added without an RX prescription.
  • These spectacles are ideal for wearers that do not need vision correction (nearsightedness, farsightedness, bifocals, or progressives).

Can you tell if someone is wearing fake glasses?

It is a bit difficult to see if someone is wearing fake glasses. Whether for kids or adults, these glasses are meticulously designed to emulate prescription eyewear – without RX in the lenses. However, you may look at the sides of the lenses and check for distortion in the contours of the face. If none are present, chances are they may be fake eyewear. It’s also hard to spot in lower strength prescription glasses.

Is it okay to wear glasses without lenses?

Lens-less glasses are mainly worn for fashion or aesthetic purposes. They have no lenses so they cannot give you vision correction or eye protection. Most frames without lenses are oversize and commonly dark in color. Some folks do wear glasses without lenses in conjunction with their contact lenses. There are also costume or novelty glasses with no lenses that are worn on Halloween and other fun-filled events.

Is it weird to wear non-prescription glasses?

Certainly not. At Marvel Optics, we offer a comprehensive range of glasses that cover all optical bases. This includes prescription eyewear, sunglasses, digital glasses, and yes, even non-prescription glasses. The latter features lenses that have no RX in them so they don’t hurt or affect your overall vision. While they are known as fake glasses in the eyewear industry, these spectacles are still sturdy, affordable, and fashionable in many cases.

Are glasses an accessory?

Glasses are considered the most common medical device in the world. In fact, about 60% of people wear eyeglasses or contact lenses in the West. Still, glasses have become a fashion accessory over the years – especially for wearers that have good vision and do not need correction.

In these cases, fake glasses are accessories that accentuate someone’s look or aesthetic appeal. Fake eyewear has lenses without RX prescriptions so they are more flexible than spectacles designed primarily for optical correction.


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