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Get Clip-On Eyeglasses Online at the Best Prices and Discounts

Marvel Optics is your premier online eyewear store for clip-on eyeglasses. Clip-on sunglasses are clipped onto the frames of regular prescription glasses for added UV protection and convenience. With either polarized or non-polarized lenses, these spectacles are designed to fit over your prescription glasses. However, they can also be worn alone for practical and fashionable purposes. Here are some essentials to keep in mind when it comes to clip-on shades at

  • These cool, trendy glasses are perfect for adults and children alike.
  • Clip-on eyeglasses are made from durable rubber but are incredibly lightweight and floatable.
  • Perfect for Diamond and Pear shaped faces with flexible temples and elastic bands.
  • Marvel Optics can add prescription lenses or non-prescription lenses as needed.
  • Clip-on computer glasses protect your eyes from harmful blue light and glare. They are ideal for working on tablets and available for single, bifocal, and progressive lenses.

Clip-on Shades Protect your eyes from harmful UV rays

When you shop for clip-on eyeglasses at Marvel Optics, you get easy ordering and customization options. In fact, we can save you up to 60% off on your order. While Solar Shield sunglasses are great for those that spend countless hours outdoors, we also feature clip-on computer glasses for indoor optical protection. Working on computers and tablets – for long hours – causes eyestrain, headaches, and eye damage due to blue light and screen glare. Protect your eyes with clip-on shades for eyeglasses that are convenient and easy to control.

Avoid Nagging Blue Light Glare with Affordable Clip-On Computer Glasses

Clip-on eyewear offers a myriad of benefits for wearers. For one, they easily fit over your regular or prescription glasses. They are also available in a range of styles to meet your individual fashion tastes. Prescription clip on glasses is just as – if not more stylish than regular prescription spectacles. This is why they continue to soar in popularity with metallic-inspired frames and lenses. Here are some more benefits of clip-on eyewear for the entire family:

  • These smart specs are great for transitional glasses since they secure RX vision without high costs.
  • com features magnetic clip-on, standard clip-on and flip-up shades for optical protection with evergreen style.
  • Durable, unbreakable, and flexible clip-on spectacles that will last for years to come.

Visit our online store today for the best deals and discounts on stylish clip-on glasses today.

Clip-On Eyeglasses FAQs

Can you put prescription lenses in any frames?

At Marvel Optics, we are able to fit prescription lenses into most frames. However, these frames must have an optical grade with the right grooves to hold the prescription lenses. We do offer a range of lens types, including Single-Vision, Bi-focal, and Progressive for your convenience. Simply contact us today or speak with our helpful live chat team about the lenses you want to fit into a particular frame. Our dedicated team will do all we can to meet your eyewear needs in a timely, professional manner.

Can I wear sunglasses over my glasses?

Clip-on glasses are designed to fit over your regular or prescription glasses. They are clipped onto the frames of your regular glasses for additional protection against sun rays or computer glare. Clip-on spectacles also feature elastic bands that are easy to control and adjust when indoors or outdoors. carries clip-on eyewear at low prices for all customers.

Can you wear sunglasses if you wear glasses?

Since your regular prescription glasses already have RX lenses, you can get a pair of sunglasses with the same prescription. We offer a huge selection of stylish sun eyewear with anti-scratch, anti-UV, and anti-glare features. Our “try it on” feature allows you to virtually see how sunglasses will fit your particular tastes and face shape. Marvel Optics is a leading online eyewear and accessories shop with unbeatable prices and daily discounts.

How do you measure for Fitover sunglasses?

It’s easy to measure for Fitover sunglasses. Simply measure your frames with a ruler, including the width (left edge to right edge) and height (top to bottom). Enter the measurements and find ideal matches for your glasses and face shape. Our online live chat team can help you find top-notch sunglasses with frames that meet your styles and budget.

Are clip on computer glasses worth it?

Clip-on computer glasses are definitely worth it for folks that spend countless hours working on laptops, desktops, or tablets. These glasses are designed to easily clip onto your regular prescription glasses. They protect your eyes from harmful blue light, screen glare, and UV rays when outdoors. They also work with a range of frames include rimless versions.


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