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Large Eyeglasses

If you have a larger face, it can be difficult to find a nice pair of glasses. Fortunately, Marvel Optics has a broad selection of large eyeglasses in a variety of styles. We make it easy to find a pair of frames that fit your face. Plus, we have large sunglasses and safety glasses available as well.

Any of our large eyeglasses can be customized with prescription lenses. Simply select the “Prescription Lens” option then click “Customize Lens” on the product page. You’ll also find helpful sizing information on the same page. Once you have a pair of frames you love, make them large prescription glasses by entering your prescription details or sending them to us.

Large frame glasses are among the most visible accessories you can wear. For this reason, glasses with large frames and lenses are often referred to as statement eyewear. Find out how to find a pair of glasses that look large and provide full eye coverage while still providing a comfortable fit on your face as well as advice on how to style big glasses.

Shop for Stylish Large Glasses

Browse an extensive inventory of large frames by leading brands. Big glasses tend to have prominent frame designs and lenses that are either relatively flat or curve around the face in a wraparound style. The size and shape of big glasses determine the level of comfort for different types of wear.

Fashion eyeglasses and frames worn occasionally to accessorize can be quite large in size. Everyday glasses or sunglasses can be larger than standard frames as long as they are comfortable to wear. Prescription glasses-wearers may want to factor in pupillary distance in addition to other frame measurements to avoid distortion.

The Benefits of Large Eyeglass Frames

Large spectacles are practical in addition to being stylish. Big lenses cover more of the area surrounding eyes, allowing less light to enter around the sides of frames. When it comes to blue, ultraviolet and visible light protection, big glasses are the best way to go.

ANSI Z87.1-rated eyeglasses with large lenses may also provide more comprehensive protection from impact and other eye safety hazards. If you want to wear big glasses for the sake of eye protection, make sure that the frames and lenses you choose have an appropriate rating.

Tips for Styling Large Frame Glasses

When wearing glasses of a large size, you may not want to wear competing hair accessories or jewelry. If you do wear jewelry, you may prefer to pair smaller pieces with prominent eyeglasses. Women who wear big glasses often put on eye-catching lipcolor in bold shades to balance the visual weight of eyewear.


How do I get glasses with large frames?

Browse our selection of large eyeglasses to find the perfect pair to customize with clear or tinted lenses. It is important to check the size and measurements of frames to ensure that large eyewear provides a comfortable fit. You should also make sure that frames are compatible with your prescription.

Are large frames prescription-ready?

Some glasses can accommodate with single vision or multifocal prescription lenses. Check the description of your favorite style of large eyeglasses to see which options are available. Some frames can only accommodate a limited range of prescription strength lenses, but a large selection of high Rx glasses are also available.

Are big glasses comfortable to wear?

Glasses designed to look large can be comfortable to wear as long as the measurements of the frames correspond to the dimensions of a wearer’s face. Take frame size into account as well as lens width, bridge and temple measurements. Pupillary distance is also an important consideration for large lenses.

Can I wear large frames during sports?

Large frames may be suitable for sports, particularly eyewear with a wraparound profile. Bigger lenses can increase the surface area of protection from impact and optical radiation. Sports goggles are large and provide secure eye protection. Oversized fashion frames may not be comfortable or safe to wear during physical activity.

What are some popular large frame glasses?

The affordable and stylish S-Line Financial is a leading style of large safety glasses. Global Vision makes a wide variety of budget-oriented frames in large sizes, from the aviator-inspired Statesville to the rectangular Durango. Many leading brands also make statement eyewear that can be customized with clear or tinted lenses.


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