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Metal Glasses

There are several key factors to focus on when selecting the right frame material for your eyewear. Metal glasses are a good fit because the material is known to be incredibly durable. While not as flexible as plastic, metal sunglasses can stay strong in the face of a number of common risks. The benefits of metal prescription glasses will depend heavily on the type of metal in question. Titanium, for example, can be a good fit for anyone who requires a lightweight and durable material that is resistant to corrosion. By taking a closer look at all of your options with metal glasses, you can get a better understanding of the right fit for your needs.

The frame material makes a difference when you’re tasked with selecting the perfect pair of glasses. Your glasses should feel comfortable and secure while complementing your facial features. Whether you’re looking for modern prescription eyeglasses or classic shapes in lifestyle sunglasses, metal frames are available in a wide variety of designs for every occasion.

Metal Frame Sunglasses

Possibly the most lauded metal frame sunglasses are the classic aviator style, worn for practical purposes by pilots in the U.S. Army Air Corps beginning in 1935. The style was borrowed and made famous by celebrities in television and film since that time. Aside from becoming an ingredient for timeless fashion, metal sunglass frames are known to be durable, lightweight and comfortable. Metal frames typically showcase a more subtle profile compared to chunkier acetate frames. This lighter construction frees facial features of weighty visual clutter and presents a clean, modern and professional look. Innovative components in stainless steel, titanium or mixed-material frames allow for a fusion of durability and weightlessness, making metal sunglasses ideal for daily wear.

Metal Eyeglass Frames

Your eyeglasses need to stay with you throughout your day, and that’s where metal eyeglass frames shine. Their lightweight comfort won’t weigh down a busy day, and their durability guarantees you’ll have a pair of long-lasting frames whether you wear them on the job or in your downtime. The inclusion of silicone nose pads allows for an additional level of adjustment for a comfortable, customized fit that can’t be matched by acetate frames. A variety of frame shapes are available to fit the shape of your face. Oval face shapes are incredibly versatile and benefit from any style frame, while triangular faces look great with a browline frame. Ultimately, the choice in style is yours, but the adaptability of metal frames has you covered no matter which direction you take.


Are Metal Eyeglass Frames More Durable Than Plastic?

Metal frames offer more durability than plastic due to their flexibility. Even if they’re bent out of shape, they’re easier to reshape than plastic frames, which may simply break upon impact. The most durable frames are made from titanium and Flexon.

Which Type of Metal Glasses Frames are Hypoallergenic?

If you have an allergy to metals, there’s no need to steer clear of metal eyeglasses altogether. Simply try to avoid metal eyeglasses that contain nickel. High-quality metals such as stainless steel or titanium are your best bet for hypoallergenic metal glasses frames.

Are Metal Frames in Style?

Some of the most timeless eyeglass frame styles are metal, and the sleek low profile of metal eyeglasses make for fashionable frames that look both professional and sophisticated. Fashion trends are always changing, but metal eyeglasses never go out of style.

What Type of Frames are the Most Comfortable?

The flexibility and weightlessness of titanium frames makes them the best option for comfort in any eyeglass or sunglass frame. They are lighter and less noticeable than acetate frames and a custom fit can be obtained with adjustable silicone nose pads.

What is the Typical Lifespan of Metal Eyeglass Frames?

Most eyeglass frames can be expected to last up to three years. When you care for them properly they can last up to 10 years, so it’s best to clean them with a soft cloth and keep them in a protective case when you travel.


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