Mens Half Rim Eyeglasses

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Offering the stylish men’s half rim glasses

Marvel Optics provides men with the biggest variety of discount prescription eyeglasses online and one of the highlights of our inventory is our assortment of half rim frames. Half rim prescription glasses bring together a tasteful blend by featuring the top half of the glasses with a rim and the illusion of having no rim at all for the bottom portion of the lens with the assistance of a filament string that keeps the lens in place. This style may not be the best fit for everyone, because a thicker lens may not fare well with a half rim frame. The unique feature of half rim glasses is that the lens disappears at the bottom and blends in nicely with your face.

Ranging from modern to traditional, we bring you a variety of half rim prescription glasses

The half rim glasses have become increasingly popular in the last decade and we at Marvel Optics know the wants of our customers so we offer a huge variety of half rim frames to keep you up with the latest style. Some of our half rim frames feature a bold and contemporary look while others are very subtle and more traditional. The vast selection of half rim prescription glasses we offer ensures that there is a frame for every customer.

Marvel Optics offers benefits to buy eyeglasses online with us

Our dedication to customer service is one of the reasons we have become the number one online prescription eyeglasses store. If you are not completely satisfied with your new half rim prescription glasses, take advantage of our 365 day return policy for a full refund or exchange. Save even more money with our offers for free shipping and handling and frames that start at just $5.95.