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If you live an active lifestyle, you know the importance of quality eye wear. Whether you are finishing a triathlon or just kayaking around the lake, your glasses can make all the difference. Tifosi Glasses have led the industry for years because they love their sports as much as you do, so take a look at what designs from Tifosi could fit your needs.

Designed With Your Sport in Mind

Tifosi Glasses know great eye wear starts with the lenses. Your average pair of cheap sunglasses will come with thin lenses that can bend and buckle on impact, or worse shatter. The advanced polycarbonate lenses Tifosi has designed and tested are thicker, so they do not bend or shatter. Best of all, they remain lightweight, so you will not even notice them no matter what your sport is.

Cycling with Tifosi Glasses

Take for example cycling. Tifosi cycling glasses have been engineered with the needs of cyclists in mind. The biggest dangers for cyclists on the road or trail is projectiles. A car or another cyclist can easily send a small projectile hurtling through the air towards your eyes. This is where the polycarbonate lenses in Tifosi Glasses are the most important. These thick lenses offer the necessary shatterproof protection for a cyclist. You will also find cycling glasses with lightweight frames, adjustable nose and ear pads that grip tighter the more you sweat and lenses with 100% protection from UV rays. You can even get Tifosi prescription cycling glasses for anyone with a prescription that still wants all the protection these glasses have to offer.

Find the Right Pair For You

Marvel Optics has a great selection of Tifosi Glasses not just for cyclists, but for all your sporting needs. Each pair is described in detail and has a list of all the features you need to consider.


How do I order prescription sporting glasses?

Marvel Optics was created to make ordering prescription glasses online easy. You will need a copy of your prescription with your pupillary distance (PD) available. Once you have selected your sporting frames, Marvel Optics will guide you on entering your prescription. For more information, see our helpful guide on buying prescription glasses online.

How do I properly clean my glasses?

The best way to keep your glasses clean is to make sure you use the proper glasses case to store your glasses. When cleaning your glasses, a microfiber cloth will give you the best results. If the lenses get especially dirty, wash with a mild soap and warm water.

What are polarized sunglasses?

Polarized lenses are made to majorly reduce or eliminate glare. Long exposure to glare can cause fatigue and reduced vision. This is common when around water and other reflective surfaces. Scientifically, light reflected off from shiny surfaces is usually horizontally polarized, which is then blocked by the vertically polarized lenses.

Is lens color important?

Yes, lens color can greatly impact how your glasses can help you. You’ll find a variety of lens tints on Marvel Optics glasses, so pick the right ones for you. Smoke lenses do not distort colors and are great for full sun conditions. Brown lenses are also great in bright sunlight. Red lenses, also known as All Conditions lenses, enhance view in foggy weather by providing contrast.

What is hydrophilic rubber?

Hydrophilic rubber is a form of rubber than expands when it comes in contact with water. This is important for glasses, since hydrophilic rubber can be used on nose and ear pads to grip your face as you begin to sweat, securing your glasses when you need it most. Hydrophilic rubber is so effective, it is actually used in waterproofing technology in homes.


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