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The Marciano brothers, from the south of France, established the Guess brand in 1981. All products coming from this brand have a strong European influence, with shining instances of the designers’ innovation. While Guess is well-known for jeans and apparel, the brand also offers stylish and innovative Guess womens glasses.

Stand Out with Guess Glasses

Today, Guess is known for making stylish and quality products. This extends to the Guess women’s eyeglasses that are now available. Each pair is designed with the same attention to detail and innovation that the brand has built its reputation on. If you search for quality eyewear that provides fashion-forward designs and styles, you can’t go wrong with Guess womens glasses.

Exploring the Guess Eyewear Collection

You can find sexy styles and amazing features throughout the Guess eyewear collection. The available Guess womens glasses feature feminine, easy-to-wear shapes designed for fashionable and confident women.

Elements of the brand’s signature looks are seen throughout this collection, which includes the use of the distinct triangle logo, elegant jewelry detailing, animal prints, and red coloring. It’s these elements that help the innovative eyewear collection stand out and provide brand recognition. You will also find the Guess peony logo throughout the collection of Guess women’s prescription glasses. This was pulled from the patterns available in the brand’s ready-to-wear collection.

With a huge selection of styles and patterns to choose from, with Guess eyewear, you can feel confident you are purchasing durable glasses that will last and remain stylish for years to come. The women’s collection is also continuing to grow, which means you will be able to continue finding and purchasing new Guess womens glasses throughout your life. Take your eyewear to the next level with the help of Guess.

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Guess Womens Glasses FAQs

What Are the Latest Trends for Women’s Eyewear?

When purchasing women’s eyewear, you will find some trends stand out from others. Some of the most fashionable styles purchased today include cat-style glasses, clear glasses, thick-rimmed and geometric glasses, vintage glasses with large round frames, and trendy tortoiseshell glasses.

When Did Guess Begin Making Eyewear?

Guess eyewear was first seen in 2013. The available optical eyewear and sunglasses feature contemporary styles that feature on-trend applications. The entire collection shows off the brand’s core values, including daring combinations and fashion-forward silhouettes.

How Can You Find the Right Style of Glasses for Your Face?

To find the right frames for your face, you should remember opposites attract. Choose your frames and glasses that contrast your facial contours and that create symmetry to help balance your most prominent features. It may be possible to try different frames online to find a pair that suits your face shape.

What Glasses Should You Choose to Look Younger?

If your goal is to look younger, choose black or oversized frames, cat-eye style glasses, bold frames, or round glasses. You should avoid aviators to look younger.

How Can You Tell if You Have Authentic Guess Glasses?

Look at the plating, polishing of the surface, and paint coating to see if it is uniform. Authentic Guess glasses will be virtually flawless in their finish.


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