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Bobster goggles are the go-to when it comes to high-quality performance eyewear. Active lifestyles demand durable protection that will stand up to intense wear in extreme conditions. These stylish goggles are artfully designed and built for the ultimate defense against the elements.

Focus and Clarity With Bobster Prescription Goggles

Active outdoorsmen and motorsports enthusiasts need a clear field of vision to perform at their best. A great set of Bobster prescription goggles can give you the edge out in the open, on the track or off-road when you need focus and clarity on your side.

Impact-resistant materials and anti-fog lens options push prescription Bobster goggles to the head of the pack for extreme outdoor activities. Lenses with hydrophobic coatings help to keep moisture at bay and your vision unobstructed.

These high-tech goggles are assembled using state-of-the-art materials for superior resilience and comfort. Durable polycarbonate, lightweight Grilamid and flexible thermoplastic elastomer are just a few of the construction features designed to match your endurance and outlast the competition. Don’t forget to view the interactive prescription card to learn how to enter your prescription information easily and accurately.

Set Trends With Bugeye Goggles

Whether riding, cycling or competing in winter sports, Bobster goggles offer high-performance protection for your vision. Without compromising safety and purpose, streamlined profiles and classically inspired designs guarantee a fashionable statement.

Find the best fit and the best look to accompany you on your adventures. Vintage flight and bugeye goggles meet modern technology for comfortable, stylish and functional sports eyewear. A variety of practical lens colors accommodates any sport or outdoor endeavor.

High-quality foam protects your eyes from wind and debris while offering excellent comfort and breathability in a sleek low profile, so there is no need to sacrifice wearability for fashion. The selection of matte and glossy finishes, classic colors and artfully designed shapes is sure to turn heads.

Of course, if you’re unsure of where to begin, you can get by with a little help from our how-to guides. In the end, have confidence that these goggles don’t just perform well, they also look great in the process.

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Bobster Goggles FAQs

How Do I Order Bobster Goggles?

Check out the wide selection of Bobster goggles to find the pair that fits your style and your sport. Whether you need prescription lenses, impact-resistant materials or anti-fog features, you’re sure to find the right combination of safety and fashion.

Can I Buy Goggles in My Prescription?

Many Bobster styles are prescription-ready and available with multiple lens color options for outstanding clarity under extreme conditions. Some models allow for a prescription insert between the frame and an impact-resistant lens. Interchangeable lenses can extend wear throughout the daytime or nighttime. Browse our selection of prescription Bobster Goggles and find the perfect pair for you.

Do I Need Goggles or Glasses?

While either option can provide improved vision and safety for sports and outdoor activities, the structure of goggles differs from glasses. While glasses rest against your temple and fit over the ears, goggles tend to fit close to the face with a strap around the head to prevent your eyewear from slipping or falling off.

Can I Wear Bobster Goggles Under or Over a Helmet?

Bobster offers several styles that are low profile enough to be worn beneath a helmet, as well as some that work over a helmet. Whether you’re biking or skydiving, there’s a pair of goggles that will work with your equipment.

Will My Lenses Fog?

Bobster goggles have options for anti-fog lenses, in addition to the inclusion of open-cell or neoprene foam between the frame and your skin. Foam not only provides superior comfort but also absorbs sweat to keep your vision clear. Vent channels allow for an extra level of security against the build-up of moisture inside your goggles.


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