There was a time when women would choose not being able to see clearly just to avoid the humiliation of wearing glasses. And to be honest, old and cheap glasses back then were not flattering at all. While men used to flaunt their eyepieces, women were left with the choice to look awkward or not look at all.

Times have changed.

Marvel Optics is changing the way people see, use, and buy prescription eyeglasses online. We offer a variety that can easily be used as a fashion accessory. If you haven’t tried it yet, this is probably the best time because of two main reasons; all the celebs and fashionistas are doing it on the red carpet and ramps, and we have just launched an exclusive collection of stylish discount glasses as well.

However, if you are not quite sure, we have called in our style experts to share a few tips for starters. Let’s see what they have to say.

Create a Contrast

When it comes to using prescription glasses as a fashion accessory, our experts suggest using colors that contrast with your overall attire. Matching the color of clothes and glasses will create a boring monotony. You can use glasses that are absolutely different color than your attire, or ones that match the color of the accents in attire. For instance, red is a perfect contrast for a black or white dress.

Try White to Soften Brights

As ironic as it may sound, white is one of the brightest colors you can find when it comes to discount eyeglasses. However, it can bring all other colors into balance. If you are wearing something very bright in color or a print based on several colors, you will surprised to see the wonders white eyeglasses can do for you.

Perk It Up With Prints

Marvel Optics is one of the leading discount glasses store online that has introduced an amazing lineups of printed eyeframes you will not find anywhere else. Our exclusive range targets ladies with a superior sense of style. Those who know how a little splash of prints can change the way you look (pun intended). Take a look at our best selling Huntingdon and imagine the ways you can use to spice up any ordinary attire any day.

Wing It with Cateye

Cat eye liners and sharp wings have never been this popular since the 60s. As the rage for perfect wings takes over the fashion scene, the demand for cat eye shaped eyeglasses is also rising. We have a dramatic range of cat eyeglasses in all colors and sizes. Pair those spectacles with a perfectly drawn cat eye and be mesmerized by the way it takes magic to a whole new level.  Check out Ferrerra and you will know why it is our absolute top seller.

If your style statement needs an update you think our glasses can fulfill, feel free to choose and order glasses online.