So as we have it. Jennifer Aniston was voted as the “World’s Most Beautiful Woman in 2016” by People’s magazine and it’s no surprise. Her well toned body and heart stopping smile is what make her immensely hot, but when she tops all that with glasses, oh, it just turns the heat up by a leap. Glasses have been playing a fantastic role in the fashion industry, and since a long, long time.

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Let’s go back in time and hit Britain. Take 1960’s Audrey Hepburn, for example, whose signature cat eye glasses looked sexy as hell, and made the British actress a definite screen treasure. Coming back to our dear country and leaving celebrities aside, let’s see what the public has to say about eyewear and its link to sexual appeal.

Do Those Eyes Behind Glasses Make You Squirm?

Essilor of America conducted a survey in which more than 3000 Americans took part in. The participants were asked various questions related to eyewear in order to determine how highly, on a scale of attractiveness, Americans rate people with glasses. The survey included both men and women, married and single, and people who wore eyeglasses and those who didn’t. The questions asked were simple, and required yes/no answers. Essilor wanted to find out what the majority of Americans believed, and the results were indeed shocking.

Speaking about the trend, the spokesperson for Marvel Optics said “The design for eyeglasses is prone to the changing trends and demands of the customers, and our designers remain abreast of meeting those demands. However, what hasn’t changed, over the past few decades is the demand for quality eyewear. And we are committed to using quality materials in our eyewear, using quality lens and manufacturing sturdy frames.”

Glasses in general, do not boost your sexual drive, and 73% of Americans agreed that glasses had no effect on attractiveness. However, a good 27% of Americans said that they were actually quite turned on by glasses, and just could resist taking off that guarding layer from the face. Whoa! Check that! and you thought glasses were for nerds! Next, the participants were also asked whether men were less likely to make a pass at women with glasses. 60% of men strongly stated that glasses did in no way determine whether they would make a move on a girl, and hot women looked equally good at all times. 62% of women also had the same opinion, but gave a lesser resolute response.

Are people with glasses sexier AND SMARTER?

The participants were questioned if eyeglasses make a person appear smarter and more intellectual. Contrary to popular belief, a mere 40% of Americans agreed to this, while 39% of them stated that glasses make a person look more sophisticated, not smart. When asked about the population which is most associated with wearing eyeglasses, librarians topped the list with 74%, followed by 71% votes for teachers, 56% for lawyers, 27% for artists and 20% for entertainers. Among the people who agreed that glasses turn them on, rimless eyeglasses were rated as the sexiest frames with a 49% of votes, while 38% percent of the votes were for metal frames. “Eyeglasses have become a part of personal image and branding. People are very conscious of the first impression they leave on others. Our designs aid them leave a great impression.”

The surveys proved that the majority of Americans do not require the assistance of eyeglasses to turn them on, and they can equally manage with or without them. Well, that’s just great! Keep that passion sparked up. Way to go America!  

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