Working professionals often hate wearing glasses because they feel that the frames get in the way of communication. There is some truth to the obstruction because eyeglasses make it harder for people to see the eyes, an integral part of facial expression. But regardless of disdain for glasses in regards to communication, they are necessary for many people. If you wish to limit the level of obstruction or distraction, consider purchasing rimless glasses. There are at least five reasons to choose rimless over full-rim frames, and each will be covered in the following articles, along with some frequently asked questions.

5 Reasons to Choose Rimless Glasses - Infographic

1. They Look Invisible on Your Face

Rimless eyeglasses are less evident on the face. While the glasses’ arms and nose piece are still made from durable materials, the lenses are often held in place with a clear band or secured directly to the other structures. The lack of a heavy frame surrounding the lens means less shadow play on your face. Your eyes will no longer look dark and tired under the fluorescent glow of office lights. While the frames are excellent options for either sex, women may appreciate the limited interference with makeup. For glasses wearers, rimless eyewear is as close to invisible as you’re going to get.

2. They Look Professional

When in a professional setting, you want to present an air of confidence and competency. Intelligence and eyewear often go hand-in-hand in Hollywood movies, and while the stereotype may seem overrated, glasses do provide a level of professionalism and belief. However, not all frames are equal. Solid frames with patterns or unique colors can seem fun and full of personality, but style should match the atmosphere in the workplace. Rimless options provide the most uniform look that balances well with any corporate culture.

3. They Provide a Wide Field of Vision

Beyond the looks of rimless glasses, the eyewear provides a practical advantage over other models. Full-frame glasses often come with a restricted field of vision. People can experience blind spots, especially in their periphery. Rimless options remove that restriction because there a no obstructions to block the view. While there may still be some limitations in peripheral vision, it is not nearly as much as with other frames. The only way to improve your field of vision more is with contact lenses or corrective surgery.

4. They’re Lightweight

Many people become frustrated with traditional frames because they slide down your face or leave marks around your nose. The uncomfortable pressure and constant adjusting can leave people hoping for an alternative.

Rimless prescription glasses do not have the same problems as full metal frames because they lack their counterparts’ heft and weight. There is a significant amount of material absent from rimless options, meaning that you can go the entire day without feeling discomfort.

However, because the glasses are so light weight, it is critical to keep track of them. It is easy to misplace the frames or even break the glasses because they are so inconspicuous.

5. They’re Cost-Effective

Because rimless options use less material, you can often find frames that are more affordable than other half or full-frame options. However, the price does depend on the manufacturer, eyeglass supplier, and materials used in production.

Many places offer generic and name brand frames. Generic or not well-known brands are typically priced to sell, while recognized brands carry a higher price tag because the brand itself has value. In both cases, the frames may use similar if not the exact same materials and construction methods.

One thing to keep in mind if interested in purchasing rimless eyewear is not to use rimless if you have an imbalanced prescription. An imbalance can lead to uneven and ugly looking rimless options.woman wearing rimless glasses

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are rimless frames durable?

While durability is more of a question for manufacturers, glasses without rims do present an increased risk of breakage because they lack an enclosed frame’s structural integrity. However, some glasses with steel or titanium arms and nose pieces can protect against the slight risk increase, but caution is necessary with any pair of glasses.

2. Do they make you look old?

People often worry about the style of glasses frames because they can distract from the face’s beauty. The objective, then, is to find a pair that complements your form without interfering with it. glasses without rims appear nearly invisible on the face, which means there is nothing to combat or detract from your features.

3. What do these frames say about the wearer?

Research by Helmut Leaders suggests that people who wear rimless appear more attractive and confident than those wearing full frames. The reason for the perception is because of the attention to a wearer’s eyes rather than the glasses. Researchers found that frames without rims even bode better than contact lenses.

4. Are the frames suitable for strong prescriptions?

People often incorrectly assume that frames without a rim are only right for minor prescriptions, but you can use these frames for all types.  However, semi-rim and full-rim frames are the preferred glasses style for stronger prescriptions because they offer more support, but if you are careful, there is no reason you can’t wear rimless.

5. Are the frames trendy?

One of the beautiful attributes of a rimless frame is its versatility. While full rim glasses often go in and out of style, depending on the current trends, rimless are always fashionable. The point of a rimless frame is to limit distraction from your features, meaning the glasses will look good with whatever looks good on you.

Does a rimless eyewear option sound right for you? The frames can improve your level of confidence in the workplace and allow for better communication. Wearing rimless eyewear can lead to you looking more professional while maintaining comfort all day long. Regardless of how you feel about glasses, many people do require a prescription for adequate sight. Therefore, if you are interested in rimless glasses or other glasses for the worksite, check out Marvel Optics or contact a representative to discuss available options.

woman wearing rimless glasses