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While there are many different types of glasses designed to prevent eye injuries while people participate in their favorite activities or fearlessly work in hazardous industries, tactical sunglasses are unique as they are designed specifically to withstand the harshest environments faced by people in the armed forces or in law enforcement. In situations where firearms are frequently being discharged and other ballistics are being used, a much higher level of protection is needed than what is typically required in most sports or occupations. Shop our collection of military tactical eyewear at Marvel Optics for best-selling sunglasses that are functional and safe whether you’re on duty or at home.

Prescription Sunglasses for Military and Ballistic Use

Wearing tactical prescription sunglasses allows military members who need corrective lenses to effectively scan and survey their environments. Ballistic eyewear is also beneficial for people who use firearms at home, whether target shooting, paintballing, or hunting. At Marvel Optics, you can choose a protective frame that meets your needs and submit your prescription to quickly receive a pair of tactical eyewear that both correct your vision and shield your eyes from dust, gun powder, and whatever else poses a danger to your eyes.

Stylish Frames from Top Brands

At Marvel Optics, we carry tactical sunglasses from some of the most popular manufacturers, including Wiley X. Choose one of the best-selling models among military members and outdoor enthusiasts, including the Wiley X Saint, the Wiley X Valor, and the Wiley X SG-1. Easily customize glasses and add any other features you need, such as polarized lenses, anti-fog coatings, UV-protection.

Tactical Sunglasses FAQs

What Are Tactical Sunglasses?

When people use the phrase tactical gear, they often are referring to the equipment that is used by military and law enforcement personnel. Similarly, tactical sunglasses are designed specifically to protect people within these fields from the dangers of ballistics, harsh conditions, and UV rays. This type of eyewear is also often for civilian use and is popular among hunters and recreational shooters.

What Tactical Sunglasses Do the Military Use?

Sunglasses worn in the military have to pass specific criteria to be approved for use. While most safety glasses used for industrial use or other protective purposes must meet ANSI Z87.1 measures, military tactical sunglasses must meet even more stringent standards, including the MIL-PRF-31013 for spectacles or the MIL-DTL-43511D for goggles. Furthermore, the glasses must appear on the Authorized Protective Eyewear List or include the APEL logo.

What Are the Best Tactical Sunglasses?

The best tactical sunglasses should be APEL approved in addition to being functional and comfortable when worn. While military eyewear can still be considered fashionable, they should only feature basic colors and designs that are not distracting or conspicuous. Some manufacturers known for making great tactical spectacles and goggles include Wiley X, Smith Optics, Oakley, Revision, and ESS Eyepro.

Are Tactical Sunglasses Polarized?

Tactical polarized sunglasses can be useful in environments where glare obscures one’s line of vision, such as near bodies of water. However, there are several activities that polarized glasses are not recommended for, including piloting, since they can make it difficult to read digital displays and to notice the glare coming off other aircraft nearby. A popular solution is wearing sunglasses with interchangeable lenses.

Do You Need Eye Protection When Shooting?

Whether in the military or practicing your shot at home, wearing protective eyewear is essential any time you are using a gun. Small particles from dust and gun powder can be damaging to your eyes, and there are several other dangers to your eyes, such as cartridges and projectiles released from your firearm. Regular sunglasses are not designed to withstand the impact or provide adequate protection from these hazards.


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