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For members of the armed forces, military sunglasses are more than just a fashion statement. Having the right eyewear can be lifesaving during critical moments, and active-duty members are frequently in situations where their environment poses a serious hazard to their eyes. Marvel Optics carries a large collection of military eyewear that is useful across many different branches.

Impact Resistant Frames and Lenses

One of the most essential features of military eyewear is that both the lenses and frames of the glasses must provide exceptional impact resistance. The MIL-PRF-31013 are the standards set in place that all ballistic eyewear must meet. Among other criteria, the sunglasses must be able to withstand a projectile of 0.15 caliber traveling at a speed of 640fps.

Wraparound Styles

A majority of sunglasses designed for military use feature an 8 base curve frame, which allows them to wrap around the wearer’s head. While regular 6 base glasses are flatter on the eyes, leaving much of the side open, wraparound frames provide extra coverage from particles and projectiles that may enter through the sides of the eyes. This style also allows for a wider range of vision and is less likely to fall off the wearer’s face.

Anti-Fog Technology

A common issue in colder environments and during heavy activity, lens fogging happens when condensation builds up on lenses. This can make it nearly impossible for a person to see clearly while wearing their glasses. Anti-fog technology uses a special coating to help keep the surface of your lenses clear by resisting moisture or better dispersing water droplets. Being able to see without any obstruction when on the field is essential for all military personnel, so opting for an anti-fog coating is a must for all military sunglasses.

Military Sunglasses FAQs

Do You Need 20/20 Vision To Join the Military?

While having 20/20 vision may offer a competitive edge for some branches of the military, having impaired vision does not necessarily disqualify you from enlisting. If your vision can be corrected with surgery or by wearing prescription eyewear, you should still be able to serve. Each branch has its own unique regulations concerning eyewear and vision impairment.

Can You Wear Sunglasses in the Military?

Almost always, wearing glasses is allowed in the military and is even required in some situations. However, it is important that all personnel have military grade sunglasses that offer adequate protection when in the field. The easiest way to find out if sunglasses are approved for military use is to look for eyewear on the Authorized Protective Eyewear List.

What Are Military Glasses Called?

When shopping for military style sunglasses, there are several names that this type of eyewear is often referred to as. They can often be found by searching for tactical or ballistic eyewear. They are also been labeled as GI glasses and have been given nicknames such as regulation prescription glasses, rut prevention glasses, and birth control glasses.

What Sunglasses Do the Navy Seal Use?

Navy Seals is a special operation force with personnel that is exposed to several outdoor environments and frequently works with ballistics, so protective features and a secure fit are essential. Currently, the Wiley X Romer 3 is one of the most popular military sunglasses used by Navy Seals. They offer great protection against the elements and include three different lens options for various lighting conditions.

Does the Army Issue Sunglasses?

Yes, active duty and activated guard or reserve members can obtain prescription military sunglasses and regular glasses from an optometry clinic at a military hospital or similar facility. Of course, the glasses administered must be approved for military use. Additionally, military personnel often also receive eyeglass inserts for a gas mask if prescription lenses are needed.


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