Lightweight Prescription Sunglasses

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Ultra-light plastics and metals are used to make lightweight prescription sunglasses. These glasses provide a barely-there feel ideal for running or other outdoor activities. In addition to activewear, lightweight frames and lenses can be the most comfortable choice for spending time outside or for wearing while driving. The right materials strike a balance between clarity, durability and minimal weight that corrects your vision and fits your lifestyle.

Lighter Frame Materials

Plastic is a popular material for lightweight sunglasses frames. Some of the lightest frames are made of cellulose acetate propionate, a hypoallergenic nylon-based plastic. Cellulose acetate and nylon are also lighter than some other types of plastic frames. To determine the right material for sunglasses frames, consider when you plan to wear glasses and your desired look.

Among metals, aluminum and some titanium-based alloys are the lightest options. Keep in mind that alloys containing nickel may pose a risk of an allergic reaction to sensitive wearers. Pure titanium and stainless steel are hypoallergenic and still comparatively lightweight. Metal frames are stylish options that match any outfit.

Prescription Power With Less Weight

The best lenses for lightweight prescription sunglasses are made of plastic. The lightest lenses are polyurethane, polycarbonate, high-index plastics, and composite materials. High-index lenses may be the best lightweight option for high RX prescriptions. Make sure that the frames and lenses you select are suitable for your prescription. Any type of plastic lenses will be lighter and more durable than crown glass.

Plastic is also the most versatile option for prescription lenses, finishes, and tints. Choose from lightweight single vision, multifocal or reading lenses. Lenses may be available in a variety of tint styles such as standard, gradient, mirrored, polarized and polarized mirrored tints. Shades such as gray, brown, green, blue, yellow, red and purple may be options for standard, gradient or mirrored tints. Polarized gray, green or brown tinting may also be options for reducing glare.

Lightweight Prescription Sunglasses FAQs

Are prescription sunglasses available with lightweight frames and lenses?

Prescription lenses are compatible with many lightweight frames. Check to see whether the diopters of a prescription are compatible with a particular style of sunglasses frames and lens material. High-index plastic lenses may allow for thinner and more lightweight high-power prescription lenses. Some frames may also indicate high RX compatibility.

What are some design features of lightweight prescription sunglasses?

Lightweight eyewear is available in a variety of frame materials and profiles. As you consider the design of frames and composition of lenses, you may want to also factor in the hinges and cushioning or grip materials. These components are important for achieving the most comfortable wear with minimal weight.

What lightweight styles of sunglasses are available?

Sunglasses made out of lightweight materials tend to prioritize being ultra-light or durable. The type of glasses you choose affects your eye safety. The lightest prescription glasses may feature thin high-index lenses that could crack on impact. Other relatively lightweight eyewear pairs impact-rated frames with shatterproof polycarbonate or polyurethane lenses.

Which lightweight materials are best for sunglasses?

The lightest plastic frames are made of cellulose acetate propionate, cellulose acetate or nylon. If you prefer metal frames, consider aluminum or titanium alloys. The lightest lens materials are polyurethane, polycarbonate, high-index plastics or composites. Factor in your lifestyle and preferences to determine the best materials for a pair of sunglasses.

Are lightweight prescription glasses suitable for active wear?

Ultra-light sunglasses can be practical for running, backpacking or hiking. Make sure that glasses provide a good fit for effortless wear. If you play a sport that involves impact, consider ANSI Z87.1 rated frames with shatterproof polycarbonate lenses. These glasses are still lightweight and less likely to become damaged.


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