Flexible Prescription Sunglasses

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You should never have to change your manner of living to accommodate your glasses. Rather, your eyewear needs to withstand your rigorous, active lifestyle and sit comfortably on your face without getting in the way. We carry a wide variety of flexible prescription sunglasses at Marvel Optics, so you can find a pair of glasses that can travel with you wherever you go.

Sports Frames

Because of their durability, flexible glasses are an ideal choice for young children, athletes, or people who are always on the go. These glasses improve safety when worn for many sports since they are less likely to break when bent at a strange angle and may even remain intact after falling to the ground or being hit by a heavy object. Flexible polarized sunglasses offer the added benefit of combatting glare while you play.

Plastic Frames

There are several types of flexible frame sunglasses available depending on the style and features you’re looking for. If you like the look of plastic sunglasses, nylon frames are very supple and nearly indestructible. For this reason, this material is a popular choice for safety frames that must meet ANSI standards when used in professional applications. However, one con to nylon-based plastics is that they get brittle over time. Cellulose acetate is another commonly used material. Although not as flexible as nylon, cellulose acetate is still very durable and comes in many colors.

Metal Frames

If you prefer metal frames, titanium is both inherently strong and resilient. A recent eyewear development, flexible titanium frames feature commercially pure titanium, beta-titanium, or memory metal. While all of these materials offer incredible elasticity, memory metal is a special material made from titanium and nickel that can return to its original shape after being twisted or bent. Flexon is a popular brand of flexible prescription sunglasses.

Flexible Prescription Sunglasses FAQs

What Are the Most Durable Flexible Sunglass Frames?

Many consider Flexon, nylon, and titanium as some of the most durable frames out there. All three materials are inherently strong and flexible, allowing them to resist snapping if bent or breaking upon impact. Most sports or safety glasses use one of these frame materials paired with polycarbonate lenses.

What Is the Lightest Material for Flexible Prescription Glasses?

Many people prefer lightweight flexible prescription sunglasses because they are more comfortable to wear, especially for all-day use. Nylon is a popular material used for plastic frames since it is very flexible, durable, and lightweight. For metal frames, titanium and aluminum are some of the lightest materials used. However, aluminum is very stiff and not ideal for flexible eyewear.

What Are Flexon Frames?

Also referred to as “memory metal”, Flexon glasses feature a titanium composite material known for its remarkable ability to return to its original shape even after being bent or dropped. Its unparalleled flexibility makes Flexon one of the most durable frame types. This material is also hypoallergenic and resistant to rusting.

What Is the Advantage of Titanium Frames for Flexible Sunglasses?

While titanium frames are often more expensive than other flexible sunglasses materials, they are strong and likely to last a long time even if dropped or hit. Unlike other types of metal that are prone to snapping if bent, titanium is very supple. Manufacturers can thicken these frames to accommodate a wide range of prescriptions.

What Are Flexi Hinges on Glasses?

Flexi hinges, or spring hinges, allow frames a wide range of motion, increasing their durability. Compared to frames with standard hinges, spring-hinged frames are more pliable, allowing for a more comfortable fit. A great choice for children or people with an active lifestyle, flexi hinges fit snugly onto the face and require fewer adjustments to fit properly.


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