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For some tasks, regular safety glasses aren’t enough to provide you with the protection you need in a hazardous environment. In these situations, ballistic goggles can fully protect your eyes from possible impact and small particles. Commonly used in tactical settings, this type of eyewear must meet the strictest Military Ballistic Standards. Find ballistic-rated goggles at Marvel Optics for the best deal on eyewear that’s fit for military use or other environments where impact protection needed.

Choosing Glasses or Goggles

There are two main types of ballistic eyewear available for military or recreational use: glasses or goggles. Glasses are often easier to take on and off and are more fashionable when worn in casual settings. Additionally, spectacles are less prone to fogging in wet, humid environments. However, goggles are ideal in situations where the most protection and security are needed. By completely shielding the eyes from all angles, goggles can prevent irritation from dust, gun powder, and other particulates.

Adding Lens Technology

When purchasing prescription ballistic goggles, you have several options for how you can customize the lenses. Of course, you can start by having tactical goggles made with your unique prescription. You have several other options depending on the environment and tasks you plan to use your goggles for including an antireflective coating, anti-fog technology, or a polarized film. Some models are designed for use as night-vision goggles, and there are several lens colors to choose from depending on the lighting conditions. Choosing goggles with ballistic-rated interchangeable inserts allow you to maintain clear vision in varying environments.

Ballistic Goggles FAQs

Can Ballistic Goggles Stop a Bullet?

While it may be hard to believe, there are have been many instances where ballistic goggles have actually stopped rounds shot at a close range without the bullet penetrating the lenses or causing them to shatter. This type of eyewear is similarly effective at protecting the eyes from ricocheting bullets or cartridges released from a gun. However, these glasses are not classified as bulletproof.

What Does Ballistic Rated Mean?

Eyewear that is ballistic-rated must meet the Military Ballistic Standards for eyewear. For glasses, the eyewear must pass the MIL0PRF-31013, but ballistic goggles are subject to passing a slightly different set of criteria described in the MIL-DTL-43511D. Both types of eyewear are designed to provide impact protection and to generally avoid eye injury in potentially hazardous scenarios.

What Are Ballistic Goggles Made From?

One of the most essential aspects of ballistic and safety eyewear is the use of polycarbonate lenses. This material offers many advantages over glass lenses and other types of plastics. For one, polycarbonate is incredibly durable and does not shatter or break upon impact. Additionally, this material is very lightweight and does not require the manufacturer to add extra thickness to the lens for stronger prescriptions. Polycarbonate lenses also offer 100% UV protection, protecting the wearer’s eyes from harmful sun rays

Is There a Difference Between Safety Glasses and Ballistic Glasses?

Ballistic glasses are designed specifically for use around guns and other hazards often encountered by military members, police officers, and other emergency personnel. Safety glasses have to meet the ANSI standards to be certified for industrial use; however, tactical ballistic goggles must meet the Military Ballistic Standards, which require a much higher level of impact protection.

What Is the Rating for Army Ballistic Goggles?

Not all glasses and goggles that are ballistic-rated are approved for military use. Currently, there is no marking that indicates which glasses meet the Military Ballistic Standards, but you can find this information in the manufacturer’s or retailer’s description of the product. The only army ballistic goggles that are allowed to be used when on duty are on the Authorized Protective Eyewear List.


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