Mens Single Vision Eyeglasses

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Many people need corrective lenses to be able to see sufficiently for driving, working and doing daily tasks. Men’s single vision eyeglasses are an opportunity to turn your vision correction into a fashion accessory. Some people also find glasses more comfortable than contact lenses. At Marvel Optics, we have a broad selection of stylish, comfortable and practical frames to choose from.

Single Vision Lenses

When you order from Marvel Optics, you will have the option to customize your lenses. One of the decisions you will make is whether you want single-vision, multifocal or progressive lenses. Men’s single-lens glasses provide consistent prescription power throughout the glasses. They are best suited for people who have a single vision problem (such as myopia or astigmatism).

Your eye doctor can provide guidance on what type of lenses you would benefit from the most. Single-vision glasses are the most common by far. They provide consistent correction and are perfect for handling the everyday tasks most people need to take on for their daily lives.


When you choose your frames and select the “Prescription Lens” option, you will have a chance to customize your lenses. This includes options such as adding sunglasses tinting and polarized lenses. If you love a pair of frames and want to use them as prescription sunglasses, you can do that!

We also offer options such as anti-scratch treatment and anti-fog. These will help you to keep using your glasses all day without having to worry about damage or vision disruption.

At Marvel Optics, we strive to offer a broad selection of options so that you can find the right men’s single vision glasses for your needs and budget. Explore our catalog of frames today. When you find a pair you love, check out all the customizations you can choose from. Once you are ready to order, simply enter or upload your prescription information. It is that easy!

Men’s Single Vision Eyeglasses FAQs

What Are Single Vision Prescription Glasses?

Mens single vision glasses have lenses with a consistent prescription power throughout the entire lens. In other words, no matter where you look in the lens, it corrects your vision with the same power. Conversely, bifocal, multi-focal and progressive lenses have different zones for distant-vision correction and near-vision correction.

Is Astigmatism Single Vision?

Typically, astigmatism is treated with mens single vision lenses. Single vision only means that the prescription power of the lens is consistent throughout its surface. However, some people get bifocals or progressives when they get older. These correct distant vision in one part of the lens while helping with reading in another part of the lens.

What Prescription Is Legally Blind?

People are legally blind when they have visual acuity of 20/200 or worse. This is equivalent to a -2.5 prescription. However, if you have such a prescription and it effectively corrects your vision, you would only be considered legally blind without corrective lenses. Some people have such low visual acuity that prescription lenses do not help sufficiently.

What Does 1.75 Mean for Glasses?

A prescription of 1.75 means that the glasses provide correction for near viewing with a corrective strength of 1.75. This is most common in reading glasses but may also be used for someone who is farsighted (hyperopia). 1.75 is a relatively mild level of correction, equal to corrective roughly 20/40 vision.

Should I Wear Glasses All the Time for Astigmatism?

This depends on your specific circumstances. For some people, wearing mens single vision eyeglasses all the time can make sight problems worse. However, other people cannot sufficiently see without them even for basic tasks. Speak with your eye doctor for guidance on how often you should be wearing glasses.


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