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There are some situations where your regular eyeglasses are not sufficient for the task at hand. Sunglasses are necessary for shielding your eyes from UV rays on sunny days and allowing you to see comfortably despite bright lighting conditions. Sports eyewear helps keep rain and snow out of your eyes and can even prevent flying objects from injuring your eyes. Safety glasses are designed to protect your eyes completely from dangerous chemicals, small particles, and sharp objects. If you need corrective lenses to see properly, prescription inserts can be placed behind your other eyewear.

Save Money and Time

Purchasing all of your eyewear with prescription lenses can be very expensive. With prescription inserts for sunglasses or goggles, you can save money by only having to buy less expensive eyewear without a prescription. Since inserts are placed under the primary lens, you won’t need to worry about replacing your prescription lenses every time your eyewear gets scratched. Many people also like to have Rx inserts on hand in case they need to remove their contacts for any reason. You can even purchase prescription inserts in different color options, so you can adjust your vision depending on the lighting conditions.

Wear Ski Goggles Comfortably

While many people choose to simply wear their prescription glasses underneath their skiing goggles, this is not ideal for several reasons. For one, your prescription glasses are more likely to fog since they are positioned right next to your face. Prescription goggle inserts are placed directly behind the shield of your eyewear, which is where anti-fog technology is most effective. Additionally, wearing two pairs of eyewear is not very comfortable, especially if your glasses start to slip off your nose as you ski. You even run the risk of permanently damaging your everyday glasses. You also won’t need to worry about purchasing extra large goggles just so that they can fit over your prescription lenses.

Prescription Inserts FAQs

What Are Rx Inserts?

If you have a pair of nonprescription safety glasses, sunglasses, or sports goggles, prescription inserts can be placed behind the primary lens of your eyewear to help correct your vision. Inserts are used as an alternative to purchasing a completely new pair of goggles or glasses with built-in prescription lenses.

Can You Get Prescription Snow Goggles?

For skiers and snowboarders who don’t want to deal with wearing Rx eyeglasses underneath their snow goggles, there are prescription goggles available. While there are some models that have prescription lenses built into the eyewear itself, most prescription snow goggles use Rx inserts that are attached directly behind the shield.

Can Safety Glasses Have Prescription Lenses?

Yes, you can find safety glasses with lenses that are filled with your prescription. When shopping with Marvel Optics, you have the option to submit your Rx order and get safety glasses designed to correct your vision. You can also use a prescription safety glasses insert to save money and make replacing scratched lenses easier.

How Do Prescription Ski Goggles Work?

If buying ski goggles with built-in prescription lenses, you simply need to submit your prescription and choose your desired lens color. When using inserts, you first need to have lenses made with your prescription. You can then attach the insert to the inside of your goggle by snapping the top and bottom tabs into the corresponding sections.

How Much Do Eyeglasses Lenses Cost?

When purchasing prescription eyewear, you have several different options for how to fulfill your prescription. Some people choose to buy their frames and lenses separately or try to save money by having new lenses fitted on old frames. This service often ranges from around $30 to $100 depending on the types of lens you need.


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